Cybertruck Revision – Will it Fit in the Garage?

Cybertruck Revision – Will it Fit in the Garage?

While the Cybertruck prototype was first unveiled to the world at a press conference in 2019, nobody has seen the vehicle in action. Since that prototype looked so large, the concern has long been that it would not fit in the average garage. That would be a real game-changer and cause many people not to order one.

Since Tesla revealed the original Cybertruck prototype, changes have been made that allow the Cybertruck to fit in a garage. It is now just the perfect size to be parked at home with room to spare. This will enable owners to benefit from a powerful electric truck without worrying about where to put it. 

While delays have plagued the introduction of the Cybertruck, it appears that Tesla has been hard at work behind the scenes updating the design of this special vehicle. Those changes need to be mentioned so consumers can make an informed buying decision. Continue reading to learn more about how the revised Cybertruck is now able to fit in your garage. 

The Size Has Been Reduced

This is one of the major revisions that have been made to the design of the Cybertruck since it was first shown to the world. It is also a primary reason behind the production delay to date. While the world is yet to truly know what the final design of the Cybertruck will look like until the vehicle starts rolling off the production line, there are some changes that are known. 

One of those changes is that the truck has been reduced in size somewhat. The one that was unveiled back in 2019 was massive. It was immediately clear that there was no way this would fit in a household garage, and that would limit the number of consumers who would be interested in it. 

Tesla appears to have heard the outcry of the general public in this area. They went back to the drawing board and found a way to reduce the size of the Cybertruck by a full three percent. That reduction in size allows it to fit in the garage without compromising the vehicle’s integrity. It is also still just as strong and durable as Tesla reported it to be in 2019. 

The Centerline Has Also Been Leveled

Part of fitting a truck in the garage also has to do with its height. You want to have enough clearance between the top of the vehicle and the roof in order to feel comfortable about the results. To accommodate that, Tesla also went back and leveled the centerline a bit. This brought about quite a noticeable change. 

The first Cybertruck was heavy on the space-age look. This meant that it sat really high, with the top of the truck being out of reach of even moderately tall individuals. The revision of the Cybertruck takes care of them by making the vehicle more leveled and aesthetically pleasing. It will now look much better when parked in the garage. 

Even the Windows Have Been Lowered

If you look closely at the prototype of the original Cybertruck, you will probably remark to yourself that the vehicle sits a bit too high. This makes it uncomfortable for the average driver or passenger. It also meant that the windows were too high to be useful. The windows have since been lowered so that this should no longer really be a concern. 

Thankfully, these were all changes that Tesla was able to put into the design of the Cybertruck before the two factories built to produce this vehicle were retrofitted. The idea is that all of these changes have now been reflected in the equipment that has been ordered and that everything is ready for production to begin very soon. 

The Unique Nature of the Cybertruck

Much of the decision surrounding the purchase of any truck involves how it will fit in the garage. With the Cybertruck, some unique design features have made the question of whether or not this will fit with the expectations of the average consumer. That is why Tesla appears to have made so many revisions to its Cybertruck before it hits the road. 

Tesla has had two years to work on its initial design so that factories would eventually be ready to produce it. This has resulted in an almost entirely new version that appears ready to fit comfortably in a garage near you. If you consider the following six design features alone, you will begin to visualize the possibilities. 

  • Height – The Cybertruck will now be 75 inches tall at its highest point. This provides more than enough clearance to drive into the average garage and leaves plenty of room towards the ceiling. 
  • Width – While you might not want to park two Cybertrucks side by side in a garage, there is still going to be plenty of room, given that it comes in at a total width of 80 inches. This is also sufficient to fit in a one car garage and still have some room leftover.
  • Length – This is a part of the Cybertruck’s design that Tesla admits it has already changes multiple times. They seem to have finally settled on a total length of just approaching 232 inches. Again, this allows it to fit into a garage with just enough room left in the front and rear to walk around the vehicle comfortably. 
  • Approach angle – With an approach angle of 35 degrees, you will find that the Cybertruck is quite unique amongst other vehicles in its class. However, this still allows it to fit normally inside a garage without having to make any further design alterations. 
  • Departure angle – Similarly, Tesla has changed the departure angles of the Cybertruck since that first prototype came out. It is now 28 degrees, allowing for easy entry and exit into a variety of tight spaces. 
  • Ground clearance – While it is important that Cybertruck has sufficient ground clearance to get it over the roughest of terrain, the original design had it riding a bit too high for comfort. The latest design has the ground clearance being lowered to 16 inches. This is still more than enough to further its off-road capabilities while still allowing it to sit low enough to the ground to fit in a garage. 

These are the six design areas that probably matter the most as you look to put the Cybertruck in a typical garage. With the changes that have been made, that appears to be easily possible. Perhaps this is why so many pre-orders have already been generated. 

Why All the Concern?

Since most trucks easily fit in a garage, it is understandable to wonder why this is even an issue with the Cybertruck. The reality is that nobody has seen this vehicle drive down the road yet, so we do not know how it will even look in the typical garage. What we do know is that the initial prototype set off some alarm bells that Tesla could not ignore. 

At the time that the Cybertruck was first revealed to the world in 2019, the common belief is that many people did not realize that it was only a prototype. News quickly circulated that there was no way the truck would fit in a garage as unveiled on the stage that day. Of course, this would mean that much of the public would not be interested in the Cybertruck. 

This meant that some modifications would become necessary. Even the factories had not been built by this time, so Tesla had some time. The Cybertruck is a vehicle that requires an 8,000-ton casting process alone, so it is understandable that people would be concerned about its ability to be comfortably parked at home.

The key to understanding how well the Cybertruck will fit in a garage is to first comprehend how it is built. The unique design seems to throw off people to the point that conventional wisdom is thrown out the door. It simply does not look like a vehicle that is meant to be put in a garage, but Tesla appears to have since remedied this belief. 

The Exoskeleton Design is Unique

With an exterior that is made of stainless steel and looks so bulky, the Cybertruck just does not look like something that you would put in the garage. However, a vehicle this special needs to be stowed away for safekeeping when not in use. 

The exterior of the Cybertruck is basically an exoskeleton. It is a shell that has been produced specifically to protect the truck and its occupants from just about any type of abuse that can be thrown at it. It is even believed that a sledgehammer can be thrust upon it without even a dent resulting. This makes it ideal for being kept in even the most cluttered of garages. 

The exoskeleton itself was designed to be impenetrable. This makes it ideal for a variety of purposes. The structure and durability of the truck is achieved via a production process that sees the steel on the exterior being cold rolled a total of 30 times. Even when parked in a tight space such as a garage, you do not have to worry about dings if the door happens to hit something. 

The Cargo Bay Folds Up Nicely

At first glance, even the back of the Cybertruck does not look like something that should be in a garage. This is such a unique design component that Tesla does not even call it a bed. Instead, the Cybertruck has a cargo bay. This is a feature that you will not see on any other truck currently in production today. 

The cargo bay requires a different type of approach to production. This is where the Giga Press comes into the picture. This is a specially retrofitted piece of equipment that effectively produces the 8,000 tons of force required to create the cargo bay in the first place. That is what gives it such a unique look and function. 

Ironically, the cargo bay appears to be ideally suited for a garage. Many full-size trucks have a lift gate the cannot be fully opened when the garage door is closed. This may not be an issue with the cargo bay. The lid opens up, providing easy access to the back of the truck even if you are inside a closed garage. 

The cargo bay offers up an impressive 100 cubic feet of storage. This is what makes the truck so ideal for a variety of uses. It also has built-in storage compartments, many of them locking, that will allow you to store away many of your personal items. This can also be easily accessed when parked inside a garage, providing you even more storage space in the end. 

Even the Corners Are Unique

If you look at most vehicles on the road today, you will notice that corners are rounded. This is a design feature that has been in place for decades. Because of this, that is what we have grown accustomed to as a society. However, the Cybertruck moves away from the design. This may be yet another reason why some feared it just would not fit well inside a garage. 

The Cybertruck looks unlike any other vehicle ever produced to drive on the road. This can be reflected in the corners of the truck. They are not rounded. Instead, you will notice sharp edges in the front and the rear of the vehicle. Everything is based upon a geometric shape. While it works in the end, it just looks like it will not fit in any garage in the traditional sense. 

In reality, these sharp edges have no impact on the vehicle’s ability to be parked in a garage. The front and rear are still level. The truck has ample clearance to hover small steps in smaller garages so that it can still fit inside. Even with a tight fit, the sharp edges will actually provide a bit of give and take to ensure that the truck does not hit other items that might be in the way. 

The Number of Motors Does Not Impact Size

One of the nice things about the Cybertruck is that you do not have many different models to worry about. Many trucks today come in various sizes depending on what trim you select. That is not the case with the Cybertruck. This is a vehicle that comes in one standard size, so you can easily determine if it will fit in your garage no matter what options you end up selecting. 

The price of the Cybertruck will vary depending on the number of motors that are included, but this has no impact on the size of the vehicle. With no need for a traditional engine, this actually gives Tesla more to play around with in terms of the design of the front of the vehicle. That results in a shorter than normal front, combined with the relatively huge cargo bay. 

When you order the Cybertruck, you will have the choice between one or three motors. While you would never dream of buying a truck with more than one engine, the number of motors with an electric motor does not mean the vehicle itself gets bigger. The impact is on speed, range, and price. 

In other words, the three motor Cybertruck will fit in your garage just as easily as the one motor version will. There are no other considerations to take into account. This also makes it simple for Tesla to produce the Cybertruck in only two factories around the world. One set of factory equipment will be all that is necessary. 

The Cybertruck Panels Look Futuristic as Well

Looking at the Cybertruck might make you think that your eyes are playing tricks on you. There are no traditional headlights. This is by design. They have been replaced by one big strip of LED lights in the front and rear of the truck. 

Beyond that, you will also notice that there are currently no side mirrors to account for on the Cybertruck. If that feature makes its way to the final version of the truck, it further demonstrates that the truck will have no problem fitting into a garage. Side mirrors can make a huge difference when it comes to side clearance. 

There are also the front and rear panels to consider on the Cybertruck. These are constructed differently than you might be used to. However, they do not impact the overall clearance of the vehicle itself. You will still be able to park it just as easily as you would any other truck of this size. In fact, neither the front or the rear stick out as much as you would expect on a vehicle in this class. 


Knowing that the Tesla Cybertruck is now designed to be able to fit in the average garage should convince many people that this is the vehicle for them. If you are one of them, the truck should enter production any month now. Expect to see them being delivered in 2022. You could have one parked in your garage shortly after that. 

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