Cybertruck Colors – What Options Do You Have?

Cybertruck Colors – What Options Do You Have?

With the Tesla Cybertruck set to finally enter into production any month now, your attention might be shifting to what color you would like to order. This is such a futuristic vehicle that you might be looking forward to further personalize it. That is why this is such an important question to answer. 

When it comes to a factory-produced Cybertruck, only stainless steel is currently being offered. This is due to the unique composition of the Cybertruck and the fact that nearly the entire exterior of the vehicle is produced from stainless steel. You will be on your own if you want a different color.

While this might not be the answer that you were hoping for, there may be some other options available to you. As such, you will want to continue reading to learn what those options might be when it comes to adding a bit of color to your Tesla Cybertruck. 

Why is Stainless Steel the Color of Choice?

When the Cybetruck was first unveiled as a prototype in 2019, many people were surprised at the stainless steel look of the exterior. Since then, we have discovered that this is by design. Tesla has designed the Cybertruck to be one of the strongest and most durable vehicles ever made. 

No other vehicle has been made with stainless since the early 1980s. This puts Tesla in unique company. At the same time, there is a problem when it comes to offering the truck in different colors. Stainless steel is not easily painted. This is why you do not usually see such material that comes in a different color. 

Are There Any Options for a Different Color? 

At the current time, there are no other color options available for the Tesla Cybertruck. Of course, we still do not have access to the final version of the vehicle, so many are still holding out hope that there will be some other options. For their part, Tesla has put out some promotional materials that have the Cybertruck in various colors.

If there is another color to be offered, many believe that it would be jet black. This seems to be the most common image that Tesla has given the Cybertruck in promotional literature to this point. However, it remains to be seen if this is even possible given the nature of the exoskeleton on the Cybertruck. 

What Happens if Stainless Steel is Painted?

The issue is not that stainless steel cannot be painted; rather, the concern is how difficult and laborious the entire process is. While paint is typically able to adhere to almost any type of surface, stainless steel is the rare exception. There is a problem when it comes to the cohesion of the paint because the surface of stainless steel is very smooth, to begin with.

If you are going to paint stainless steel, there is a great deal of preparation that must take place before the process is begun. Perhaps this is why Tesla has opted not to bother. Why, then, do they have promotional literature out that shows the Cybertruck in various colors? Perhaps they are commenting that owners will have the ability to color their truck after they have purchased it. 

How Can Color Potentially Be Added to the Cybertruck?

The bottom line is that stainless steel must first be prepped to be certain that the added paint will stick to the surface for a long time. Naturally, this is the key element when it comes to adding color to a Cybertruck. 

Since paint cannot be added directly to the surface of stainless steel, you will have to get a bit creative to make this happen with the Tesla Cybertruck. Theoretically, you would need to sand the surface of the exoskeleton to make it a bit rough around the edges, so to speak. This will then allow the paint to bond to the surface of the exterior. 

The thought of scuffing up your brand new truck might not sound all that appealing to you. This is probably what Tesla has gone through in its design process as well. It is viewed as defeating the purpose behind using stainless steel as the main material on the exterior in the first place. It is better to leave it in its original color and polished state.

Roughing up the surface of the Cybertruck on its own will not be enough. If you are going to paint it, you will need to sure that it is spotlessly clean and get rid of any dust or particulates on the stainless steel. If this is not done, the paint will not adhere to the surface properly. 

Once the preparation and cleaning work is done, a primer must be applied. There is actually primer developed specifically for use on stainless steel, so this is where your hope will lie. As long as you are willing to do the work to get the Cybertruck ready for a coat of paint, it can potentially be done. You will then add your choice of color after the primer has been applied. 

Why is the Cybertruck Made from Stainless Steel?

Since we now know that it is technically possible to paint the exterior of the Cybertruck, it is important to cover why Tesla most likely feels that this is a bad idea. Tesla put a great deal of thought into their decision to build nearly the entire exterior of the vehicle out of stainless steel. Because of this, it would not be easy to now start to add color to it, as this will compromise the design.

If you are wondering why Tesla has gone with stainless steel for the exterior of the Cybertruck when every other manufacturer has shunned it for the better part of four decades, you are not alone. Most designers stay away from the material because of the factors already mentioned. However, Tesla has gone with it specifically because of its strength and innovation. 

The Cybertruck is meant to test the limits of human ingenuity. This is why the design looks so unique. Tesla also wanted to develop a truck that was the strongest and most rugged ever made. To do that, it has depended on stainless steel as the core ingredient to its exterior. You can supposedly take a sledgehammer to the door and not see any lasting effect. 

While stainless steel cannot be easily pained, it is corrosion-resistant. The hope is that it will retain its shiny luster even after years of hard driving. Tesla has also found that the material is quite affordable given the benefits that it brings to the table. Added to the strength factor, it is not easy to imagine why the designers were eventually drawn to stainless steel for the Cybertruck.

The stainless steel to be used on the Cybertruck is also going to be cold-rolled an impressive 30 times. This makes it an extremely hard material that cannot easily be penetrated. It also makes it even smoother than typical stainless steel. As mentioned earlier, that will make it even more difficult to paint over. That is probably why Tesla has opted at this time to leave the color out of the mix entirely. 


Many people look forward to choosing a suitable color for their new vehicle. It is one of those decisions that many couples struggle to agree on. That might not be an issue with the Tesla Cybertruck since there is currently only one available color, but that could change in the future. For now, stainless steel it is.


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