Cybertruck ATV – Details, Specs, and Release Date

Cybertruck ATV – Details, Specs, and Release Date

With the Tesla Cybertruck set to enter the production stage any month now, attention for many will be shifting to the Cybertruck ATV. This is set to be an optional feature for the Cybertruck, which is appealing to many off road enthusiasts. If you are one of them, then you probably have some questions that you would like to have answered. 

While Tesla has not released all of the details related to its Cybertruck ATV, we do know that its release is set to coincide with that of the Cybertruck. It will carry the same exoskeleton look and build of the Cybertruck, while fitting snugly in the cargo bed of its companion vehicle. 

There are many unanswered questions related to the Cybertruck ATV, but there is also much to be excited about. Once you know the details and specs of this off-road vehicle, you might just find yourself rushing out to pre-order one as an option for your Cybertruck. Continue reading to learn more about this ATV and what it can do for you.

What Are the Details Cybertruck ATV?

If you are looking for specific details related to the Cybertruck ATV, you might be a bit disappointed. While Tesla unveiled a prototype of this electric off road vehicle back in 2019, not much has been said about it since. However, we do know that it will initially be offered to Cybertruck buyers as an additional add-on. 

This is a unique component. Instead of just buying the ATV on its own, you will need to actually buy the Cybertruck first. The premise is that this vehicle will be limited in its initial production, so Tesla is looking to minimize any production delays. In addition, we also know that the ATV is designed to fit right in the back of the Cybertruck without any problem. 

The ATV and the Cargo Bay

As you may already know, the Cybertruck has a cargo bay as opposed to a traditional truck bed. At its unveiling in 2019, we were shown a picture of the back of cargo bay lowering to the ground so that the Cybertruck ATV can be pushed right inside. It fits perfectly. Given their similar design, they look like two vehicles that were quite literally made for one another.

What is the ATV Cybertruck Going to be Called?

Tesla is not sticking with the generic Cybertruck ATV for this one. We now know that this electric off-road recreational vehicle will be referred to as the Tesla Cyberquad. That is an appropriate name for what the vehicle is designed to do. The fact that the Cybertruck has a feature to lower it suspension in order to accommodate the Cyberquad completes the deal.

How Do You Charge the Tesla Cyberquad?

This may very well be one of the most appealing features of the Cyberquad. As it is all-electric, the concern might be getting a sufficient charge out of it to enjoy driving it miles away from home. This is obviously something that Tesla thought a great deal about and is another reason why the Cyberquad is going to be offered as an optional add-on.

Built into the design of the Cybertruck are several electrical outlets of the 110v and 220v variety. This means that the Cyberquad will actually be charging while it is on the Cybertruck. So, you can drive it around for a bit and then load it up to move to your next destination. When you do that, it will be charging for you the entire way. 

How Many People Does It Seat?

This is another popular question, and many people are going to like the answer. As opposed to many ATVs on the market today that only seat one person, the Tesla Cyberquad is designed to fit two people on it comfortably. This is great since there is only room for one ATV on the Cybertruck, so at least two people will be able to enjoy it at the same time. 

How Much Will the Cyberquad Cost?

This is another variable that remains unknown at this time. As mentioned, we only know that it is going to be offered as an optional add-on to the Tesla Cybertruck at this time. That means that you will theoretically need to buy a truck first. The starting price for the Cybertruck is $39,900, plus you would need to pay the option fee to get the Cyberquad. 

Interestingly enough, you can reserve a Cybertruck with only a $100 deposit. For people who are really wanting to get the Cyberquad, this could be a great way to get in on the ground floor. With the Cybertruck set to enter production at the end of 2021 or early 2022, we would envision that the Tesla ATV would be available at that time as well. 

What Are the Cyberquad Specs?

This is going to be a unique vehicle; that is one thing that we know for sure. In fact, there are very few other all-electric ATVs on the market today, so Tesla is not going to have much competition in this regard. We know that it is easy to charge via either a 110 or 240-volt charging station. As mentioned, this can be done right in the back of the Cybertruck itself.

Since the Cybertruck has a reported 100 cubic feet of storage that is lockable, we know that the Cyberquad is nimble enough to fit in the cargo bay. It will still have enough room left over for a toolbox, spare tire, and some other items that you need to take with you on a trip.

The design itself is similar to that of the Cybertruck. While Tesla has not revealed the specific details for the Cyberquad, we have seen what it looks like. Just like the Cybertruck, the ATV looks futuristic and has an exterior built of stainless steel. It has an angular design that will set it apart from virtually any other ATV on the road today. 

Since there is almost no competition on the market today, we do not know exactly what the range will be for the Tesla Cyberquad. However, there is a Stealth Electric ATV that has recently started to sell in North America. That vehicle gives riders roughly 35 miles of range and hit speeds as high as 35 mph. We would expect that the Tesla Cyberquad will offer at least as much.

When will the Cyberquad be Released?

This is actually the million-dollar question. It appears that the release of the Cyberquad will be timed to coincide with that of the Cybertruck. Unfortunately, we do not yet know exactly when that will be. Tesla has to build two separate factories that are designed to produce the Cybertruck and account for its unique design. 

Those factories have been plagued by delays and are not quite ready to go online as of yet. The latest estimate is that the Cybertruck will start to roll off the production line in early 2022. If that is case, we would expect the Cyberquad to follow shortly thereafter since it is designed to be an optional feature. We shall see, but the anticipation is really ramping up in this area.


As a purely electric off-road vehicle, there is much to be excited about with the Cybertruck ATV. It integrates nicely with the Cybertruck and serves as a complement to the overall package. It is a way to enjoy yourself in the great outdoors without worrying about transporting it back and forth. Get ready for its upcoming release and consider it as an option for your Cybertruck.


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