Can You Use Tesla Referral Program Without Owning a Tesla?

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If you’ve heard of Tesla’s vehicles and solar systems, then you’ve likely heard of the Tesla Referral Program. For those who don’t know, Tesla owners get a unique Tesla link they can share with potential Tesla buyers, and when they purchase a Tesla product through the link, both parties get a reward of some kind. However, I’ve been searching the internet but couldn’t find out if you can get a unique Tesla referral link without owning a Tesla yourself?

In short, you will only receive your unique Tesla referral link once you’ve taken delivery of your Tesla vehicle, or installation of your Tesla solar system. Those who don’t own a Tesla product, or are still waiting for their Tesla vehicle delivery or solar system installation, will not be assigned a unique Tesla referral link.

I found this out by creating a brand new Tesla account and seeing if it assigned me a unique Tesla referral link. I’ll attach a screenshot of the screen it showed me in a couple sections below.

Typically, to find your Tesla referral link, you sign in to your Tesla account online or via the smartphone app, and go to “Loot Box”. Online this is along the left side menu, on the app this is in the top right under the profile button.

For current Tesla owners, this will show your unique link so that you can copy-paste it to share with friends and family. Also it shows a button to see your past referrals. For past referrals, it shows both vehicle referrals (discontinued) and solar referrals (specifying when the order was placed, and then when the solar system was installed).

It’s important to note that the reward is only earned when the solar system has physically been installed (and when the vehicle was taken delivery of, when the vehicle referral program was still active).

For those who do not own a Tesla product, you can still create a Tesla account and navigate to the “Loot Box” section. However, the screen will not show a unique Tesla referral link, and says “Your referral link will be available upon delivery of your car or installation of your solar system.”

Can You Use Tesla Referral Program Without Owning a Tesla?

Lastly, let’s discuss what the reward is that both parties earn by using a Tesla referral link when ordering. The reward changes every once in a while but the current offer is a $300 discount for the buyer, and a $300 check in the mail for the referrer, applicable only to a Tesla solar system (either solar panels or solar roof). When the referral program was still active for Tesla vehicles, it was 1,000 free superchargers for the buyer, and 1,000 free superchargers for the referrer.

Hopefully this article was helpful as it seems to be the only place online with real-life tested information about trying to use the Tesla referral program without owning a Tesla.


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