Can You Charge A Tesla While Driving?

Can You Charge A Tesla While Driving?

Are you thinking about buying a Tesla? If so, there are a few things you should know before you decide to buy one. For instance, it is important to know how, when and where you can charge your Tesla. I did the research, so I can help answer your questions about charging one of these amazing electric vehicles. 

Can you charge a Tesla while driving? Unfortunately, you can not charge a Tesla while driving because you can’t be plugged into the grid when you are driving the car. However, there are other convenient options for charging.

Although you can’t charge a Tesla while driving, it has features that allow you to charge the vehicle at home, at work, or almost anywhere you park during the night or day. Many people even choose to charge their Tesla at the many charging stations located around the country. 

Will I be able to Charge My Tesla While Driving? 

You won’t be able to charge your Tesla while driving it. However, a few spots where you can charge it include the following: 

  1. Your Home – you can charge your Tesla at home by using a Tesla Wall Connector.
  2. At Work – You can charge it at work by also using a Tesla Wall Connector. 
  3. At a Charging Station – When you are away from home, you can charge your Tesla by stopping into a Supercharger or Destination Charging network station. 

If you choose to charge your Tesla at home or work you should know this can be done by using a wall connector, which comes in two sizes. The Tesla brand wall connector comes in lengths of  8.5’ or 24’ in length. The best part is you can buy one of these connectors at a Tesla service center or online at a Tesla shop. 

Now, let’s talk a little bit about charging network stations. 

Using Charging Network Stations to Charge Your Tesla

If you are away from home and not at your workplace, then you have two options when it comes to charging your Tesla. Your first option is to charge your vehicle at a Tesla Superchargers station. Your second option is to charge your car at a Destination Charging Network station. 

You can find both types of charging stations by using your touchscreen to navigate the Tesla Find Us map. If you are concerned about not being able to find a charging station in your area, don’t stress yourself out because there are many stations located all over the country. 

Tesla Superchargers 

You will find Tesla Supercharger stations located in many well-driven routes and many highly traveled urban areas. These stations allow you to charge your Tesla to 80% in approximately 30 minutes. Many supercharge stations are located near coffee shops, grocery stores, and travel plaza, this means you should be able to find a station close to you no matter where you happen to be, day or night. 

Tesla Destination Charging Networks

There are thousands of Tesla Destination Charging networks where you can charge up your vehicle. They are located near shopping centers, restaurants, hospitality centers, and various areas around the country, making it convenient for you to charge up your Tesla anytime. You can use the Tesla Find Us map so you will never have a problem finding one. 

There are other kinds of charging stations located around the country that are outside the Tesla network. You can also use these stations also to charge your Tesla. However, if you choose to use them you will need to have on hand your J-1772 charging adapter so you can enhance your charging options. 

Now, we have discussed how you can charge your Tesla, let’s talk about how fast you can charge your Tesla. 

How Fast Can You Charge a Tesla? 

If you are using a wall connector to charge your Tesla, then you can expect to get about 44 miles of range per hour of charge. Of course, this depends on the type of car you own and the amount of power your wall connector is giving out. 

If you are away from home, then supercharger stations provide the fastest charging speeds. Generally, most people supercharge their Tesla for about 30 minutes before they continue their journey. 

You will notice there are some colors around Tesla charge ports, so let’s take a minute to talk about what these colors mean now. 

What Do the Colors Mean Around Charge Ports?

There are some colors around charge ports that you will recognize when you are charging your Tesla. Some of these include the following: 

  1. White – this color means your charge port door is open, your car is ready to be charged, but your connector is not inserted in the port. It can also mean the latch of your port is released, and the connector is ready to be taken out. 
  2. Blue – This color appears when your car notices that a connector has been plugged into your port. 
  3. Blinking Blue – This color simply shows up when your car is communicating with your connector. Also, it indicates that your Tesla is preparing or scheduled for a charge soon.
  4. Blinking Green – This color shows you the Tesla is charging. At some point, the blinking green light will slow down, which indicates your car is almost fully charged. 
  5. Solid Green – This is the signal that your Tesla has finished charging. 
  6. Red – This color means there has been a fault or error in charging; it can also mean charging has stopped. When you see a red color a fault message should appear on your touchscreen or instrument panel. You get further information about the error by reading the message. 
  7. Solid Amber – This is the sign your connector isn’t fully inserted in the port. All you should have to do is re-insert it.
  8. Blinking Amber – If you see this color, then it means your car is charging at a reduced current.

The first few times you charge your Tesla, it can be a little stressful, but it won’t take long for you to get the hang of it. However, understanding what these colors mean can certainly help out a lot. 

Continue reading to find out what you should know about charging your Tesla while you go on a trip. 

Information about Charging Your Tesla During a Trip

It is safe to leave a Tesla plugged in for any length of time. These cars have advanced diagnostics, so they have the ability not to overcharge. So, if you are going to take a trip for a long period of time, you can keep it plugged in at normal range loss. This ensures you will come home to a fully charged vehicle. 


It is important to understand the ins and outs of charging a Tesla, especially if you are planning to buy one. Remember, you can’t charge your Tesla while driving it, but there are many other charging options available. For instance, you can charge it at home, work, or at a charging station. 

It can be beneficial to understand the colors you will regularly see around charging ports. So, remember to get a good grasp of what each color means before you start charging your Tesla. 

Many people are choosing to buy a Tesla because they spend less time at gas stations, less time at service stations, and for several other reasons. If you choose to buy one, then you can also save time and money, as well. 

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