Average Tesla Roof Installer Salary Examined

Average Tesla Roof Installer Salary

Tesla roof installers install solar roofs, from tiles to panels, through Tesla. These can be certified installers from other companies, but Tesla themselves services roofs in a wide range of areas. There is a lot to examine about the average salary of Tesla roof installers, but first of all, it is good to know what their salary is.

On average, Tesla roof installers make anywhere between $16 and $22 an hour. This rate varies depending on their role and how long they have been an installer. Private companies may offer more or less.

This price for a roof installer is slightly above the United States’ national average, making it decent pay. These numbers also do not take into consideration possible bonuses. There is much more to examine when it comes to Tesla salaries, so read on to find out more.

Tesla Roof Installer Salaries

Solar roof installation is an emerging field, and Tesla’s increasingly cheap solar energy options are changing roof installation as a whole. Outside of being trained for particular solar energy devices such as Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles and solar panels, Tesla’s roof installation is similar to normal roof installations and requires the same skillset.

Pay can begin at around $16, with room for advancement. As to a fair price for roof installation, the pay range is fair by most experts’ accounts. Overall, Tesla’s salaries are considered competitive within the field.

Salaries may also be dependent upon location. As Tesla’s brand grows and they reach out to different areas for their solar roofing market, more and more employees are necessary. Occasionally, Tesla’s highest rates for Solar Roof installers can be found in new Tesla locations or with certified Tesla installers.

Upper payment ranges depend on experiences and roles within the company. Therefore, a beginner will see themselves on the lower end of the pay range. Working for credited installation professionals elsewhere that are used by Tesla to service a wider area can also mean for different pay entirely.

Tesla Roles and Pay

Roles within the roof installation field generally determines pay. From inspectors to electricians, Tesla roof installation experts tend to fall within a particular category with room for advancement. Below are some pay options as averaged by career-finding websites:

  • Installer: A Tesla installer is generally hired as a beginner, willing to learn more about Tesla’s mission and how to install their products. A lead installer may make upwards of $18, but a beginner could start at around $16. This role is still above the U.S.’s federal minimum wage.
  • Electrician: Based on average salaries from many sources, a Tesla electrician can make an average of more than $30 an hour. An electrician generally brings more experience to a roof installation team and handles wiring and other parts of the installation.

Other roles can include maintenance technicians and lower level electricians such as apprentices. A roof installation team will generally be made of many different members than just general installers. While salaries definitely vary throughout a team, there are also shared benefits.

Tesla Solar Installation Bonuses

Previous roof installation employees that have worked for Tesla claim bonus opportunities depending on the number of solar panels installed. This makes pay a bit more varied but can bring issues of its own.

Reliance on bonuses to supplement salary is a common trend in the modern job market, but it does not seem to be the case with Tesla. In general, Tesla uses a standard payment plan for any role in any part of the country, meaning there are no issues with other entry-level installers making more or less.

Issues that appear for roof installers’ bonuses include unevenness in bonuses. Since bonuses may depend on the number of solar panels installed, certain installation crews may have more or less. It is safe to say that reliance on bonuses as a roof installer is not a good idea, though Tesla has other benefits that help employees greatly.

Is Salary Competitive for Tesla Roof Installers?

A competitive salary simply means that it is at least equal to industry standards, if not more. Because of this, Tesla is certainly considered to have a competitive salary across the board. This is true for solar roof installation as well, but to break it down more, read below:

  • Company Average: The total average of Tesla employees have a yearly salary that depends on the department. On average, roofers’ hourly salaries in the U.S. are around $18, meaning Tesla is well within the “competitive” category. Some salaries are as much as $20 an hour for roof installers.
  • Benefits: Along with its competitive salary, Tesla has many benefits for even entry-level workers. This blows smaller companies out of the water, that may see more basic benefits for entry-level employers. In this way, they have competitive benefits that are in line with or above the industry standard.

Tesla is a major company that offers competitive pay and benefits for its employees. For those considering a career with Tesla, the idea of at least being in line with industry standards is important.

Tesla’s Healthcare Benefits

Tesla boasts employee medical plans for its full-time employees no matter their level. These plans may vary, but based on Tesla job postings, they include a great range of medical services. Specified benefits that can meet your needs can be great alongside a fair salary. Listed below are some of the best aspects of their healthcare plan:

  • Health Insurance: Tesla’s health insurance plan seems to be for basic coverage, but it comes with a wide range of options. With this healthcare plan, employees have basic emergency travel, hospital visits, and medicinal needs covered. Dental care, including orthodontics, as well as vision, are also part of the plan.
  • Life Insurance: Tesla has life insurance options that cover two years’ salary for beneficiaries. There is a maximum of up to $1,000,000 as well. For those who see life insurance as a necessity, this range of coverage can make a job with Tesla worthwhile.

Along with salary, healthcare is an important aspect of anyone’s job hunt. When taking Tesla’s plans under consideration, comparing them side by side to an average roof installer’s salary can give a better idea of what exactly a job with Tesla means for any kind of technician working for them.

Tesla’s Financial Benefits

Tesla’s benefits are more than just for healthcare. It also has an in-depth financial benefit plan that all employees can take part in. These benefits can add to any salary and are worth exploring:

  • Stock-Purchase Plans: One of the largest benefits of Tesla employment is the ability to purchase Tesla stock as part of compensation packages. These benefits are offered to those on all levels of Tesla employment and, due to its valuable stock, can be seen as a great asset to acquire.
  • Disability Pay: Tesla has both short and long-term disability pay for when an employee is unable to continue their work. These plans are fairly generous, though they do not offer full payment depending on the length of time the employee is out. Still, this is a great benefit for any employee.

Tesla’s financial plans are just as strong as their healthcare. For those seeking higher pay, the financial gains of being part of a top-rated, growing publicly shared company can be just as appealing.

Are Tesla’s Benefits Worth Their Salary

Tesla boasts some impressive benefits for employees at all levels. To examine salary, it is also important to know what employees are getting along with their salaries. With an average pay of around $16 at entry-level, a Tesla roof installer may require more incentive to work.

These incentives come in the form of Tesla’s excellent benefits. Within the automotive and energy fields, it is especially great that Tesla offers its employee stock discounts. These stock purchase plans can aid in acquiring new assets for all employees and increase employee wealth across the board.

Health benefits are significant for most employees. This has allowed Tesla to attract a large number of hopeful employees over the years. With no signs of this trend slowing down, Tesla’s benefits and pay are a real upside to most on the job hunt within Tesla’s field.

Overall, Tesla’s benefits seem to be worth its salary options. There is a competitive salary along with a solid amount of benefits, both medical and financial. Personal needs will decide if these benefits are worth the salary, but Tesla employees are on the higher end of the industry’s standards.

What Does a Tesla Roof Installer Do?

Solar roof installation is a job that requires technical skill and comfortability on roofs. It is not for everyone, but it can also be a great learning experience. When considering a roof installer’s salary, it is almost important to understand what their role is exactly. At tesla, this can be a lot of different things.

Tesla offers solar panels for existing roofs, which involves installation and connection to a solar battery. But Tesla also has the option for a whole new solar roof, including solar tiles. An installer would work for the same wages in both of these scenarios.

This job can have a slight aspect of danger due to the height and working with electrical materials, but it is considered safe when all protocols are followed. Installers also help with stripping roofs down to make way for the new materials.

Tesla job postings claim that the ability to regularly lift fifty pounds of materials is necessary as part of the work. This is common and not too straining, though years of this kind of labor can take a toll on the body. It is not the harshest of jobs, but it is good to consider salary and labor together.

Is Tesla Roof Installer Pay Fair?

Fair pay is up to an individual’s needs as well as where they live. Of course, in some areas, higher pay would be preferred simply because of the cost of living. When taking the salary of a Tesla roof installer as a whole, there are a few points to consider:

  • The Occupational Minimum: Legally, there is an occupational minimum based on governmental standards and the standards of the field. As Tesla’s salaries are considered competitive, they are in line with or above minimum wage.
  • Discrimination: Tesla has an excellent track record when it comes to a lack of discriminatory practices. They are generally considered fair employers with room for advancement.

Fair pay is up to personal opinion, but legally, Tesla does meet the standard of fair salaries for their employees. Roof installation employees see some of the best benefits with a higher-than-average pay than other businesses in the industry.

Tesla Roof Installer Job Security

In Tesla’s corporate and engineering setting, there is decent employee turnover of over 20%. This statistic places Tesla above the average of similar companies. But does this mean anything for the physical and technical workers?

Former Tesla employees say there was rapid turnover in all branches of the business. A large reason for this is that Tesla has a lot of younger employees. Young employees, such as those right from university, often explore career options and may opt to leave Tesla if it is not their path.

However, there is also information about Tesla’s inner workings, with many employees reporting poor work-life balance. Stressful conditions can lead to higher employee turnover. However, for roof installers, the competitive pay and Tesla’s many benefits tend to keep them interested in being employed for years to come.

Quality of Life for Tesla Roof Installers

Solar roof installation is a fairly risky job, but there is minimal danger if all safety protocols are followed. Still, some issues can come with this line of work that Tesla is not free from. When considering the average salary of a certain profession, it is important to note what the job exactly is.

As solar installation technicians, using Tesla’s product, experts go onto roofs and gut them to make way for the new equipment. Tesla even has solar tiles used for roofs that blend in to look like normal roof tiles while absorbing solar energy. The learning curve is steep, but most employees are hired with prior knowledge of the field.

Beginner employees would find themselves in the hands of experts and can learn quickly. Solar roof installation as a popular field is pretty new, but experienced roofers, technicians, and electricians allow most entry-level employees to learn without issues.

Tesla is sometimes known for issues with work-life balance for its engineers and designers. This is common in a cutting edge industry, but it is worth considering for those who do not believe an average salary of $16 is worth the cost to personal lives.

Tesla Roof Installer Salary Compared to Other Tesla Jobs

Tesla roof installation salaries vary depending on the skill level of the installer. The upper-level of salary for a roof installer is somewhere around $22 an hour. At $16 for the average and with other jobs offering more, it is best to see how roof installation stacks up to other fields within the company:

  • Customer Service: Customer service representatives within Tesla are at the lower end of the company’s earnings. However, the average pay of a customer service representative is over $15. These employees are also able to take part in Tesla’s stock-purchasing compensation packages.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing and production are other important sides of Tesla’s business. Depending on your role, salary will vary, but an assembler can make over $18 an hour with some production roles matching or exceeding this.

Roof installers may want to join Tesla for various reasons, but salary and benefits are often the most important. As for how Tesla’s solar roof technicians match up with other jobs, it is about even. High managerial positions will obviously differ, but roof installation stacks up well against Tesla’s other services for entry-level or intermediate work.

Tesla Roof Installer Salary Compared to Other Companies

There are other prominent businesses that are in the solar roofing market. While they do not often have the same level of fame as Tesla, they have sets of competitive salaries and benefits of their own. To get the best sense of how Tesla compares with other companies, here is a list of the average salaries of other top solar installers:

  • Titan Solar Power: This national rooftop solar contracting company has an average salary of upwards of $20 an hour. This puts it in line with Tesla’s experienced solar roof workers who can similarly earn over $20 an hour.
  • Momentum Solar: This solar installation company boasts a similar salary. At around $20 an hour for their average salary, it is clear that this also matches industry standards.

Tesla’s competitive salary rates are about equal with some of its solar installing competition. Considering Tesla’s unique benefits as well, their roof installers may have some of the best security in the business.


Tesla roof installers make on average anywhere from $16 to $22. Coupled with secure benefit plans, ranging from healthcare to financial, Tesla’s roof installers have some great financial security. It is ultimately up to an individual employee or someone looking for work whether this salary is worthwhile.

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