Tesla Powered Houses in New York? [Now Available]

A Tesla House in New York? Read This

Tesla is globally known for being the birthplace of a plethora of new, sustainable technology. Their newest advancement in 2019 and 2020 has been to build an eco-smart and an electric way to live. New Yorkers may be the first to have almost completely solar-powered homes, known as a “Tesla House.”

The Tesla Gigafactory located in Buffalo, New York, has been working to install 1,000 solar roofs per week, which they did in March of 2020. “Tesla Houses,” equipped with both the Solar Roof and the home powering Powerwall Battery could be the next big investment for many New York homes.

I am sure you have more questions burning about this Tesla Home. If you are passionate about sustainable living in the home, this article is a great place to learn about it. We will answer all your questions about what, exactly, this set-up is, how much it costs, and if it may be a plausible future home that is accessible to everyone.

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What is a Tesla House?

Contrary to what one may think, you cannot simply buy a whole Tesla House… yet (unless you go to Australia, which will be covered later in the article). At its core, a “Tesla house” is a home completely powered by Tesla’s state of the art technology. The Solar roof combined with their Tesla Powerwall can power an entire home.

Tesla Solar Roof

Regular solar panels can be bulky and not very easy on the eye. In addition to top-notch solar panels, an entire new roof on your home is included with a Tesla roof. The Tesla Powerwall is not a required piece to experience the benefits of the solar roof, but if you want to experience the Tesla home, it may be best to invest in both.

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is an energy storage system that collects solar energy from the roof, and stores it for later use in the home. With 13.5 kWh of energy, (an impressive number compared to its competitors) the Powerwall can power half of the average American home, and it is all controlled by the owner on their phone.

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Tesla in New York

While anyone can buy a Powerwall and Solar Roof installation, access to this becomes easier as you get closer to the Tesla Gigafactory. Many companies around New York will do the installations, and finding people who will do it becomes harder to find and more expensive as you get farther away from the production site.

How Much do they Cost?

Any solar installation comes at a hefty price, especially from a well-known luxury company. The installation of the solar roof is very dependent on where you are located in the country, but here are a few statistics we found for ball-park price ranges to create your own Tesla House.

This chart is calculated from statistical prices straight from Tesla.com. Average prices are calculated directly by us.

LocationSolar Roof Price (Avg.)Powerwall BatteryCash Price Total (Avg.)Tax Credit (Avg.)Net Price (Avg.)
New York$22 Avg. per square footAround $8000$35,000$18,000$17,000
Texas$22 Avg. per square footAround $8000$42,000$10,000$32,000
California$22 Avg. per square footAround $8000$33,000$9000$24,000
Average$22 Avg. per square footAround $8000$37,000$12,000$25,000

Additional Pricing

Prices of a Tesla Home can vary in other ways than just the location of your home. Here are a couple of other factors to take into consideration when budgeting for yours.

  • The size of your home. If you have a larger house, the price of Solar shingles is going to be higher to cover the number of square feet your roof is. The installation is taking out the entire roof of your home, so a buyer cannot get away with changing the number of shingles they would like installed in the house.
  • The amount of sunlight shining on the house. If you have more light exposure to your house, going with a cheaper model of the Solar Roof will be beneficial and lower your costs. However, if your house gets partial sunlight, a newer and more effective model will be recommended by Tesla and will be a higher price.
  • The length of homeownership. The longer you plan to own your home, the more money you will be able to save with the products. Before buying a Tesla Home, know how long you plan to stay in your residence. If you do not plan to stay there long, buying Tesla installations will do more harm than good.
  • How many Powerwalls you will need. This goes along with how large your house is and how much sustainable energy you want to be using. Many larger homes will need multiple Powerwalls to power the whole home, which brings the price up to an extra $8000 USD.
  • The tax credit your state will provide after purchase. The amount of tax credit you will get back from the state varies. If you are somewhere like New York, the credit is much higher than in Texas. The price will be more expensive if your state has less tax credit to provide you.
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Are the Products Worth it?

I know you’re probably thinking if this expensive and crazy installation process is worth it. With the information we have gathered, feel free to come up with your conclusion taking in personal factors. In general, though, we are convinced that anyone wanting to install solar power in their home should think of Tesla as a top contender.

Tesla V. Other Solar Options

This is a price comparison between the average costs of both the Tesla Solar Roof (13.5 kWh) and the Powerwall, and typical solar panel prices (12 kWh).

CompanyPrice Before Tax Credit (Avg.)Price After Tax Credit (Avg.)
Tesla Solar Roof and PowerWall$37,000 USD$25,000 USD
Average Solar Panels$36,000 USD$27,000 USD

Surprisingly, the prices are very similar on average, and Tesla’s tax credit benefits even beat the average solar panel installation by a couple of thousand dollars. Of course, this chart is not considering additional prices.

Factors to Consider

The price of the Tesla Solar Roof combined with the Powerwall is only a bit more expensive than solar panels on a house. With a brand new roof, sustainable energy, and significant tax credit, we believe if you are planning on getting solar panels installed, the Tesla Home experience is completely worth it, despite the steep price.

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The Future of Tesla Homes

In 2018, Tesla unveiled its completely solar-powered “Tesla Tiny House.” Using the Solar roof and Powerwall, they can charge the entire tiny home and take it around the world. It is towed with a Tesla Model X to really showcase the possibility of living with completely renewable energy. 

Currently, the tiny home is located in Australia, but there may be some more coming in the production mix. So if you are the kind of person that would love to convert to a tiny home that is 100% sustainable, you may not need to wait long.

Tesla is constantly coming up with new ways to build a sustainable future. Though they started with eco-friendly cars, the future of Tesla may be closer than we all expected. New-Yorkers may be the first to experience completely solar-powered living, and I think we are all curious to see what Tesla will come up with next.

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