A Guide to Know About Tesla Solar in Kansas

A Guide to Know About Tesla Solar in Kansas

Solar-powered technology is on the rise, and Tesla Solar provides this technology across many states through certified installers in your state and city. Tesla Solar roofs and solar panels are the latest and most advanced solar technology you can use to power your home.

For home owners in Kansas interested in solar power, Tesla Solar is a great option. Not only is Tesla Solar resilient and well-designed, but they pay for themselves over time. In this guide, we will walk through everything you need to know about Tesla Solar in Kansas and how you can get your own Tesla Solar roofs or panels installed.

Tesla Solar in Kansas

In 2017, Tesla Solar roofs stepped forward as a new way to integrate solar power and well-designed roofing into your home. Only a year ago, the first Tesla Solar roof was installed in Manhattan, Kansas. As solar-powered technology develops, Tesla Solar continues to grow in north Midwestern states like Kansas and others.

But now, Tesla Solar, including their solar roofs and solar panels, has spread to many states and cities due to the long-term cost-benefits of solar-powered technology and Tesla’s favorable pricing model. Since Kansas is in the top ten sunniest states in the U.S, this makes Kansas homeowners the best candidates for Tesla Solar.

With a sunnier climate, Kansas makes solar energy a much more reliable and cost-effective way to transition from non-renewable energy to renewable energy sources like Tesla Solar. Compared to other states, Kansas homeowners would save more on their electric bill as their Tesla Solar technology pays for itself over time.

How to Install Tesla Solar

Tesla solar installation is a simple process that only takes about a week to complete. However, there are certain steps necessary for preparing for installation and some caveats for homeowners who wish to install the Tesla powerwall as well.

Whether you are installing Tesla solar panels or Solar roofs, the installation process is the same. You will need to decide between solar panels or solar roofs and also consider whether a Tesla Powerwall battery is worth the additional cost. Once the installation is complete, a Tesla crew will explain how Tesla Solar works in your home.

Here are the important steps for Tesla Solar installation:

  • Tesla Solar Panels or Solar Roofs?
  • Tesla Powerwall Battery
  • Ordering Tesla Solar and Scheduling Your Installation
  • Preparing for Installation and What to Expect

Things to Know When Installing Tesla Solar in Kansas

If you live in Kansas trying to install Tesla Solar, then you will be working with local certified installers who are permitted to install Tesla Solar technology. Tesla is partnered with various certified companies who can install Tesla Solar roofs, solar panels, and power batteries.

Here is a list of some certified installers in Kansas:

  • Cromwell Solar
  • Power Design
  • Shinnova Solar
  • RisingSun Solar
  • SunPro Solar
  • Good Energy Solutions, inc.
  • Atwood Electric

Each of these companies are well certified and meet all the quality and inspection requirements necessary for installing Tesla Solar in Kansas. After a certified installer commissions your system, you will gain access to the Tesla App for support and software updates.

Tesla Solar Panels or Solar Roofs?

There are two different options for homeowners interested in Tesla Solar: solar panels or solar roofs. Both offer the same general benefits of saving you money on your electricity bill while generating clean energy. Nevertheless, solar panels and solar roofs pose different costs and generate different amounts of power annually.

The more conventional choice is Tesla solar panels. Compared to Tesla Solar roofs, solar panels generate 3000 more kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually and cost less. Tesla solar panels are more energy-efficient with reduced initial costs for installation while saving more money in the long-run by lowering energy bills. 

The second option you have is installing a Tesla Solar roof. Tesla Solar roofs are more costly compared to solar panels but may be worth the price if you need a roof replacement. Alternatively, if you have money to spend and want more solar technology, then Tesla solar roofs can be a great addition to your home.

Depending on your financial background and energy needs, both solar panels and solar roofs may be a great option for you. For most households, solar panels would likely be the best choice due to their reduced costs and higher energy output. However, Tesla Solar roofs might be more optimal if your roof needs to be replaced. 

Tesla Powerwall Battery

The Tesla Powerwall Battery is an additional energy storage system you use to power your home. Keep in mind that the Tesla Powerwall battery is not available for individual sale, so you will need to install a Tesla Solar roof or solar panels to buy the battery.

If your area or region suffers from routine power outages or power grid problems, then a Powerwall battery would help provide your home with more consistent energy access. The Powerwall battery stores low-cost energy from your home and energy from your solar panels or solar roof.

In the case that your main power source shuts off, then the Tesla Powerwall will activate and act as your home’s energy source. Homeowners in California that deal with power outages often could benefit from a Powerwall, while homeowners in Kansas may not need a Powerwall at all.

If you choose to install a Powerwall with your solar panels or Solar roof, you will need to shut off your power for six to eight hours at the beginning of the installation.

Ordering Tesla Solar and Scheduling Your Installation

When you are ready, you can visit the official Tesla website to order your solar panels or solar roof. You will need to provide your home address and average electric bill before viewing recommended products.

If your home has undergone any construction projects after your order, then you will need to contact Tesla. This is to avoid any unexpected problems related to your Tesla Solar installation. All variables need to be taken into account before the Tesla crew sent to your home can begin the installation process.

Solar roofs require an additional step before installation, which is the home energy assessment. This assessment takes into account the design of your home and roof while also identifying any further improvements necessary before installation.

Preparing for Installation and What to Expect

There are specific steps you can take to prepare for the installation of Tesla Solar in your home. This is to ensure that the installation process can proceed smoothly and efficiently without presenting any risks to the workers or anyone else on-site during installation.

When viewing the Tesla website on solar panel installation, you will find some steps you can take to prepare for the installation. According to the Tesla support team, here are some of the things you can do to prepare and avoid any complications during the installation process:

  • Make sure to get approval for the installation from a homeowner’s association if you are a member of one
  • Make sure no workers or contractors are on site during installation to avoid any complications
  • Keep pets indoors and away from the work site to ensure the safety of the workers
  • Have at least one person who is 18 years or older at home during the first hour of the installation
  • Empty any cars from your driveway, clear any potentially breakable objects from your yard, and make to provide easy and safe access to your electric panel

For more information on how the installation process works, you can visit the Tesla website here for Solar Roof installation and here for solar panels installation. You can find a more comprehensive review of how the installation process works and what to expect.

Does Tesla Offer Discounts on Solar in Kansas?

Tesla solar panels are already the lowest price solar panels on the market, but are there any other ways to save money when ordering?

In short, the only way to get a discount on Tesla solar panels is by using an existing Tesla owners “referral link” when ordering your Tesla solar panels.

Tesla has did this same “referral program” concept with it’s vehicles and essentially it allows new customers to get a discount on their purchase by using an existing customers personal referral link.

In regards to Tesla solar discounts, using a Tesla referral link when ordering will save you $300 off solar panels or $500 off solar roof.

The referral discounts are typically only available for a limited time before Tesla stops offering the discount, so take advantage of the savings while you can.

tesla solar panel discount

Solar Discounts:


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