Getting New Tires on a Tesla Model 3 [Complete Guide]

A Complete Guide to Getting New Tires on a Tesla Model 3

So you’ve owned your Tesla Model 3 for long enough to need a new set of tires. Before you go into a tire shop and buy new tires, you’re going to want to read this article to do your due-diligence.

When replacing tires on a Tesla Model 3, you do not need to go to a Tesla Service Center, however make sure you get tires with an “XL” load range, foam inserts for noise reduction are optional, and be sure the tire shop uses Tesla jack pads when lifting your car so they don’t damage the battery.

Continue reading to learn the few crucial things to know before replacing your Tesla Model 3 tires.

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Where To Get Model 3 Tires Replaced?

The first question you may be having is, “do you need to go to a Tesla Service Center to get new tires on a Tesla?”. The short answer is, no you can go to any tire shop to get tires put on a Tesla.

The advantage to going to a Tesla Service Center is that they know all the proper protocols for dealing with a Tesla. However the disadvantages are that they typically don’t have availability until weeks out, and they will charge you much more than a regular tire shop.

My recommendation is to look up your local tire shops, and see who has the best reviews. Then give them a quick call just to confirm that they work on Tesla’s and are aware of the jack stands needed to lift a Tesla. Don’t book your appointment just yet. Make a note of who they are because you’re going to need to do a few more steps before giving them a call back and making your appointment.

What Size Tires Does A Tesla Model 3 Use?

The size of tire for a Tesla Model 3 depends on the size of the rims. There are 3 options:

  • 18” rims: 235/45/18
  • 19” rims: 235/40/19
  • 20” rims: 235/35/20

The first number (ex. 235) means the width of the tire, and is the same for all Tesla Model 3 variants.

The second number (ex. 45, 40, or 30) means the aspect ratio, also known as the profile of your tire. The higher the number, the more tire there is to protect your rim. The lower the number, the lower profile the tire is (typically for sporty looking).

The third number (ex. 18, 19, or 20) means the size of the rim, which is 18” on the base Tesla Model 3, up to 20” on the Performance Model 3.

*Always confirm tire size for your specific Tesla before purchasing tires.

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How Much Do New Tires on a Tesla Model 3 Cost?

Replacement tires on a Tesla Model 3 with 19″ cost between $225 and $350 per tire (installed).

When you buy a new Tesla Model 3, it comes with top of the line tires that even have special Tesla foam inserts inside the tires to reduce road noise.

These stock tires are typically either Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or Continental ExtremeContact SportBoth of these tire options would cost you $300+ per tire installed. Also, since these are both ultra high performance tires, they will be the softest and wear out the fastest.

I decided to go with a cheaper option, and skip the foam inserts all together to see if there was really a noticeable difference.

If you’re looking for a more affordable tire, that still gives you ultra high performance but is expected to last longer, then I can recommend the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tires. They cost $225 per tire (installed).

Typically you can go to your local tire shop’s website and see how much it will cost for a specific set of tires (installed). This is where I found a promotion going on for the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate tires for only $183 per tire, rather than $232 per tire normal price. Tire shops get incentives from the tire manufacturers, so they often run promotions of certain tires.

*Prices above are for tire size 235/40/19 which is for Tesla Model 3 with 19” rims. The prices you see on the highlighted hyperlinks to do not include the cost of installation, however the price in the images from above does include installation.

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Do You Need Foam Inserts In Tesla Tires?

No, you do not need to get the optional foam inserts in your new Tesla Model 3 tires.

New Teslas from the factory come with a piece of foam that lines the inside of your tires which is meant to reduce road noise. You can buy your replacement tires with this piece of foam in them as well, however they cost more and are not typically stocked in tire shops.

It is very hard to notice a difference in road noise between tires with foam inserts and standard tires. From experience, I would opt for the standard tires because I could hardly tell a difference in road noise, and they are more affordable and are typically kept in stock so you can get same day installation.

What To Know Before Making Your Tire Appointment

When getting new tires on a Tesla Model 3, there are a few crucial things you need to know before making your appointment and dropping your car off.

  1. Make sure the tire shop has worked on Tesla’s before. There are special jack pads needed to lift a Tesla without damaging the battery. Many shops will avoid the car lift all together, and just use standard floor jacks with a Tesla Jack Pads. These pads reduce the chance of damaging the battery while lifting the car.
  2. Leave a key card with them when you drop off your car.
  3. Turn sentry mode ON. While the tech’s are working on your car, it will not be recording because they will have the car unlocked with the key card. However, when they are done, and the car is parked in the parking lot, it will record any potential damage.
  4. Set a Speed Limit on the Tesla App. This is crucial because there have been several stories of tech’s taking Tesla’s for a “joy ride”. The speed limit around the tire shop I used is 45, so I set my speed limit to 55 so they could avoid accidents but not go crazy.
  5. Do NOT use valet mode. Valet mode is not a good idea for tire shops because they still need access to your car’s settings to reset and calibrate the new TPMS tire pressure sensors.
  6. Check your car’s location on the Tesla App. You can check the real-time location of your car at anytime in the “Location” tab in the Tesla App. It’s nice to know where your car is, or isnt… This is optional but provides a lot of peace of mind.


If you’ve made it this far in the article, you’ve officially done your due-diligence. It’s now time to find a local tire shop with good reviews, and give them a call to find the best price on tires for your Tesla Model 3.

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