9 Ways to Use Your Tesla Front Trunk

On most gas-powered vehicles, except for some sports cars, trunk space is only in the back of the vehicle. But a Tesla keeps the full upfront space without the need for a huge combustion engine and all of those associated parts. Tesla passes that extra space on to you, giving you an extra trunk in the front of the car, also known as a “frunk.” 

Some of the best things to keep in your Tesla Frunk are:

  • Emergency Gear
  • Donut Spare Tire
  • Portable Battery Charger
  • Extra Clothes
  • Extra Suitcases
  • Extra Grocery Shopping Storage
  • Kids School Bags
  • Jackets
  • Valuables

Keep reading to learn why these are great ways to put the extra frunk space to use.

Emergency Gear

Most of us have lived our whole lives with only having a back trunk in the car. As a result, we always go there by default when we have too much cargo for the interior. The result? Most Tesla frunks are massively underused, with many owns forgetting they are even there. 

If you are able to get used to the idea of an extra trunk, it will be quite helpful for storing the other things on this list. However, if you are not going to remember it exists anyway, you may as way keep it just for emergency supplies anyway. Some of the best just-in-case items that you should keep in your Tesla frunk, or really any vehicle if you have the extra space, include:

  • Basic air pump or patching spray
  • Screwdrivers and a few other basic tools
  • First aid kit
  • Toilet paper (hey, you never know)
  • Interior/exterior cleaner and microfiber towel

If you are on a road trip and your car breaks down, some basic know-how (or YouTube on your phone) can get you on your way to the nearest mechanic. But if you do not have any tools to make a fix, you are out of luck. Also, putting just enough air in your tire that enables you to drive to a tire shop can save you a ton of money on a tow.

Similarly, if you are out on a day trip and someone is injured, you will have the band-aids or other basic supplies you need until you can bring them to adequate medical care.

These items are not things you need everyday and you will probably forget they exist, along with your frunk itself. But when the problem occurs, you will be thankful you have them.

Spare Tire

Unfortunately, Teslas do not come with a spare tire. That means if you are beyond a simple patch, you are going to need that tow. But if you know how to change a tire, you could do it yourself- if you have your own spare.

Simply buying a donut tire and keeping it in your Tesla is a smart idea, but where are you going to put it? Well, since you your frunk is essentially extra space anyway, you may as well put it there. The tire should fit perfectly inside the frunk, although be advised you probably will not be able to put anything else in there afterwards.

Portable Battery Charger

The average range of a Tesla is only 250 – 350 miles, depending on the model. If you hit traffic or a big detour, your trip may take a bit longer than you had anticipated. If your car batteries happen to die, before you can make it to a charging station, you might be stranded. Unless, of course, you keep a portable power station in your frunk charged and ready to go.

Source: Thrillist

Extra Clothes

Not quite as much of an emergency, but some other things you way want to consider keeping in your frunk just in case are clothes such as:

  • Pants for all seasons
  • Shirts for all occasions
  • Raincoat
  • Hoodie

You are at work, which is far away from home, when the unthinkable happens: you feel a tear running down your pants when you go to sit down. Or you are eating your favorite spaghetti and meatball leftovers and look down to find a big red sauce stain on your shirt. That could easily ruin your whole day, but not if you have a basic change of clothes in your car!

On the other hand, sometimes you just may be out and about at the park when you realize it is a bit colder than you had thought. That hoodie stowed away in your frunk can help you out. And if it starts raining, the raincoat or poncho you keep in there will keep you moving along.

Extra Suitcases

Whether you are packing for a vacation road trip or just taking someone to the airport, having that little bit of extra space is key. While you may just be sticking to the back trunk for most of your needs, that may change when you are taking your Tesla on your next long weekend trip.

That is especially true if you are carpooling. When this happens, you loose even more space in the interior, and yet you have more luggage. The trunk of your Tesla, as big as it is, runs the risk of filling up fast.

This is when the front trunk can really bail you out. Even though it is not as big as the back trunk, you can still easily fit two medium size suitcases up there. If your trip involves camping, put your big tent in the back and still have room for two hiking backpacks up front.

Source: Business Insider

The Big Grocery Day

“I’m just going to the store for a few things,” you lie to your spouse. Suddenly your cart is full, and you have more stuff than can fit in the back trunk of your Tesla Model 3. You certainly do not want your cartons of milk and rotisserie chicken sitting on top of your nice seats.

The frunk will give you the extra space you need to bring your food home in a nice and clean way. If your big grocery day is a planned out half day adventure to Costco, the frunk can hold:

  • Two cases of water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Paper towel bags
  • Kitty litter

Or pretty much anything that takes up a lot of free space. There is no longer a need to buy a bigger car just for grocery shopping. 

Worried about your bags falling over? These bag hooks are made just for the occasion to keep your food upright.

Source: Tesla

The Kids’ School Bags

When you are dropping your kids off at school, you want to be able to watch them until they walk into the building. How can you really do that if their bags are in the trunk? You have to get out of the car.

Now, thanks to the frunk, have your kids put their bags there. That way when you pull up to their school, you can watch them grab their bags and head inside all from the comfort of your seat. Just make sure you put it in park first.

Source: Forbes


Sure, you can always store a raincoat or hoodie in the frunk, but what about your nicer, everyday coats? What if it is wintertime and you are going to need a jacket at your destination, but do not want to have to wear it in you already warm Tesla for the whole ride up?

Sure, you could put it in the trunk, but you might already have stuff in there. Instead, simply put your coats in the frunk. The thick plastic liner will keep everything nice and clean.


Think about it: a closed compartment on your vehicle completely hidden from view. Nobody realizes personal belonging can even be in there. That makes the frunk the perfect place to hide your pocketbook or laptop while you are parked in a public place, since bad guys probably will not even think to look inside there.


The front trunk of a Tesla is often underused or sometimes even completely forgotten about. That is a shame, because it can give you the extra space your just need sometimes. Clear the clutter out of your interior and leave your back trunk empty and ready to go for other things.

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