Tesla Model 3 Not Connecting to Cell Phone [How To Fix It]

4 Reasons Your Model 3 May Not Be Connecting to Cell Phone

The Tesla Model 3 is a state-of-the-art vehicle that is not only eco-friendly but also saves you money. However, there may be times when this car doesn’t connect to your smartphone. There may be several reasons behind this issue, and understanding the core issues will help you resolve this problem quickly and easily.

Why is your phone not connecting to your Tesla Model 3? One of the main reasons that your smartphone is not connecting to your Model 3 car is that the Tesla Smartphone App is not being discovered by the car.

5 Reasons Your Phone Is Not Connecting To Your Tesla

  1. Tesla Smartphone App Not Running in Background
  2. Tesla Smartphone App Logged Out
  3. Tesla Smartphone App Settings Are Limited
  4. Tesla Smartphone App Needs To Be Re-Downloaded
  5. Tesla Car Needs To Be Rebooted

In this article, you will learn the main reasons why your smartphone isn’t connecting with your Tesla Model 3. Moreover, you will also learn how to resolve these issues and get back to using the car in no time.

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Having Issues with Cell Phone Signal in A Model 3 Tesla

Tesla cars are state-of-the-art vehicles that offer all the modern amenities to drivers, and then some. However, these cars are susceptible to technological issues due to their nature. One of the most common issues with Tesla Model 3 cars is that the Tesla Smartphone App is not connecting to the car itself. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind this.

1. Tesla Smartphone App Not Running in Background

One of the most common reasons your Tesla Model 3 won’t connect to your phone is because the Tesla Smartphone App has stopped running in the background on your phone.

This happens more than some Tesla owners would like to admit, and it’s actually an issue with the smartphone, and not the Tesla itself.

Simply unlock your smartphone, and open the Tesla Smartphone App. Typically, this will instantly connect your phone to your Tesla and the problem is solved.

This is the fastest, and most common, fix to this issue.

2. Tesla Smartphone App Logged Out

Another issue that causes Teslas to not be able to connect to phones is the Tesla Smartphone App has logged you out.

Although this does not happen frequently, it can prove to be a quick fix.

Simply unlock your smartphone, open the Tesla Smartphone App, and log back in. If this was the issue, it should instantly connect your phone back to your Tesla.

3. Tesla Smartphone App Settings Limited

If your phone frequently has trouble connecting to your Tesla, then you may need to look at the settings for your Tesla Smartphone App on your smartphone.

To do this, unlock your smartphone, go to general settings, scroll down to find the Tesla Smartphone App, and make sure all toggle switches are turned ON.

If any of these features is set to the OFF position, the Tesla Smartphone App will not be able to operate properly. If you found any settings turned OFF, turning them to the ON position will likely solve your issue.

4. Tesla Smartphone App Needs To Be Re-Downloaded

If all of the above steps did not solve the issue, you may need to resort to deleting and re-downloading the Tesla Smartphone App to your phone.

Typically one of the above solutions will fix the issue, but sometimes a fresh Tesla Smartphone App download and install will solve the issue.

Simply unlock your smartphone, press and hold the Tesla Smartphone App, click the X that appears, confirm you’d like to delete the app, then go to the App Store and re-download the Tesla Smartphone App, and lastly log back in.

5. Tesla Car Needs Reboot

If you’re still having issues connecting your phone to your Tesla, it may be time to reboot your Tesla itself.

Rebooting your Tesla will only take a minute, and you don’t need any technical experience to do so.

How To Reboot Your Model 3

  1. Put Tesla in Park
  2. Place your foot on the brake and keep it there
  3. Now press and hold both scroll wheel buttons on the steering wheel
  4. Hold for up to 10 seconds and the center screen will reboot
  5. Wait, keeping your foot on the brake. Eventually the screens will restart

Rebooting your Tesla essentially turns all the electronics off momentarily, and then restarts them. You will not lose any of your settings or information.

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What If You Can’t Unlock Your Tesla?

If you use your smartphone as your Tesla key, and you do not carry a backup key card with you, what do you do what your Tesla doesn’t connect to your phone and unlock the car for you?

Standing at your car’s driver door, trying to open the door without success can be frustrating, but it only takes a second to fix.

Typically this is because the phone Tesla Smartphone App stopped running in the background, or your Tesla can not reach your smartphones bluetooth signal.

To fix this: Simply take your phone out and unlock it while pulling on the door handle. This typically will be enough to fix the issue on the spot.

If this still doesn’t work, try opening the Tesla Smartphone App while pulling the door handle.

Most of the time, this is all you need to fix the issue. If you’re still not able to get in, refer to the 5-steps above.

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What Is the Bottom Line Here?

Tesla Model 3 cars are designed to be cost-efficient yet offer you the feeling of driving a futuristic James Bond car. However, with advanced technology comes more opportunities for issues.

The Tesla Smartphone App sometimes has issues connecting to the Tesla itself. This happens for a number of reasons, but typically it’s just a quick fix.

Hopefully this article helped you discover the most common issues causing your phone to not connect to your Tesla. And more importantly, how to fix these issues quickly and easily.

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