21 Reasons That Make Tesla Stand Out Above Everyone Else

21 Reasons That Make Tesla Stand Out Above Everyone Else

If you’re interested in the world of electric cars, you’ll know that Tesla is one of the leading electric vehicles and clean energy companies in the world. Frequently represented by its CEO, Elon Musk, the Tesla brand delivers innovative technology and designs in their vehicles.

If you’re intrigued by this Palo Alto-based company or if you’re the owner of one of their products, check out this list of things that make it stand out from the competition.

They Promote Sustainability

Tesla is passionate about creating a sustainable development model that can potentially lead the way to a world where renewable energy is the norm. The main goals are twofold: to work toward a transition to a carbon-neutral economy and a way to establish a zero-emissions business model for the entire industry.

Tesla’s commitment to creating green technology and vehicles is a huge draw for the market. The company is pursuing a long-term approach to working with international governments to pursue sustainability models that tackle the effects of pollution. This forward-thinking vision keeps the future as a goal and sustainability is at the core of Tesla’s constant pursual of innovative and groundbreaking designs.

Their Cars Have Self-Driving Features

Tesla electric vehicles have several partial self-driving features:

  • Cruise Control: Tesla’s cruise control is fully traffic-aware and reacts to stop signs and traffic alerts as they occur. It also stops or even slows down the car according to the data it receives even if there is no input from the driver.
  • Smart Summon. Initially known as Summon, this feature has evolved to include the possibility of on-sight retrieval. The area of on-sight retrieval extends to up to 200 feet. You can use Smart Summon from your Tesla app.
  • Autosteer. This feature assists with changing lanes as well as remaining in the same lane without the need for constant driver input. You’ll also find this useful on freeway interchanges. 
  • Autopark. No matter what way your car is facing, you’ll be able to use the Autopark function to assist you with parallel and perpendicular parking.

Tesla does not recommend any unsupervised driving to occur in their vehicles. The partial self-driving features are there to assist the driver without taking over the role of the driver.

They Have Luxury Electric Vehicles

Tesla specializes in making electric vehicles for the luxury car market. The company set out to demonstrate that buyers looking for high-class cars aren’t losing anything in the transition to an electric vehicle. Tesla currently has four vehicles on the market. Their initial model, the 2008 Roadster, has since been retired, and a 2020 version is set to be released soon.

  • 2008 Roadster. This first version of the Roadster was the first fully electric car to last more than 200 miles on one charge due to also being the first car to have a lithium-ion battery. It was a milestone in the history of electric vehicles by becoming the first to have the legal right to be driven on highways.
  • Model S. Released in 2012, the Model S is a luxury hatchback. It can seat up to five people and has excellent energy durability.
  • Model X. Released in 2015, this all-electric SUV can only be currently found on the market in its Long Range Plus version. The Model X is known for its iconic falcon-wing doors. It can seat up to seven people and has ample storage space.
  • Model Y. Announced in 2019, the Model Y will be released on the market throughout the rest of 2020 and 2021. This luxury SUV model has proven itself successful in tests around a private racetrack
  • Model 3. This electric sedan is one of the most purchased models in Tesla’s collection and it is currently the most sold electric vehicle. It is one of the most affordable options in the catalog and is known for its hi-tech minimalistic design.
  • 2020 Roadster. The new version of the Roadster is a 2+2 coupe with three electric motors and an all-wheel-drive option. It also includes torque vectoring and a removable glass roof. It’s rumored to have an impressive speed-boosting package and is set to be released by 2022.

Their Autopilot Feature Makes Driving Easier

Tesla’s Autopilot feature is included in all new electric vehicle models and it offers some self-driving features. Full self-driving capability is currently in the works and Tesla is planning to release this new technology shortly.

The current Autopilot includes eight 360 degree surround cameras that overlook the area around the vehicle (up to 250m). It also gets information from twelve ultrasonic sensors and a top-grade radar that feeds data to the system regardless of weather conditions.

Autopilot receives constant updates through the over-the-air system. It’s had four hardware updates so far, with the latest one, version 3, being launched in April 2019. Version 3 includes twelve ARM Cortex A72 CPUs, two Neural Network Accelerators, and the Mali GPU.

Autopilot has been created with the user’s safety and comfort in mind. It simplifies many routine driving tasks and provides assistance that makes the process more efficient.

They Create Entertainment Through Easter Eggs

Tesla likes to keep things fun for customers. There is a long list of easter eggs included in both the software and the hardware of the vehicles.

You can access all the Easter Eggs available to you on the Tesla app or the command center, under About Your Tesla. You’ll find a triangle at the top of the screen that you can tap and drag. This leads to your Easter Egg basket. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Rainbow lights. If you push your charge port button ten times in quick succession while your vehicle is charging, the port will light up in rainbow colors. This is available for Models Y, X, S, and 3.
  • Monty Python. This Easter egg can be activated by pressing the T found in the top right corner of the touchscreen display command center. The T allows you to name your car, and if you put in a Monty Python reference (Unladen Swallow, Patsy, Mr. Creosote, Rabbit of Caerbannog), you’ll get your themed Easter egg, the Foot of Cupid. This is available for Models Y, X, 3, and S.
  • Mario Kart: Rainbow Road. To activate this Easter egg, push the right stalk behind the steering down four times while in Autosteer mode. The on-screen animation of your car driving will change to feature Mario Kart’s famous last-level setting, the Rainbow Road. This will be accompanied by the SNL version of the song ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’. Available on Models X, S, Y, and 3 with Autosteer.
  • James Bond. If you long-press the T icon on the touchscreen, a text box will appear upon release. Once you enter the code 007, you will have access to the Lotus Esprit submarine animation based on the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

Their Customer Satisfaction Ratings Are Impressive

Tesla has been awarded the accolade of being the car brand with the highest customer satisfaction seven times from 2013 to 2020. The only time they didn’t achieve that title was in 2018. This indicates that Tesla vehicle owners are highly satisfied with the products they’ve received. 

Tesla keeps customers happy by providing them with lots of great features and constant updates. Even if there are some issues with the reliability of particular vehicles, they fade in comparison with the excitement involved in owning a Tesla model. 

The impressive customer satisfaction survey ratings are much higher than any other brand and they indicate that Tesla knows what it’s doing when it comes to keeping its buyers happy. Owning a Tesla has become an event in itself, and Tesla drivers can always be sure that they will catch the eye of others regardless of which model they have.

They Constantly Update the Software for Their Vehicles

Tesla provides constant over-the-air updates to all its vehicles. This allows your vehicle to receive improvements whenever they are released, regardless of what model you have. These upgrades will vary according to your type of vehicle, but you will still get these improvements sent straight to your command center or your Tesla app.

These upgrades will usually involve improved customization and features that you can purchase at any time without having to get your vehicle serviced. Your new updates will automatically install when your car is connected to a WiFi network while parked. 

Your Tesla vehicle will let you know with a notification when you have an update available, but you can also check for them under the software tab on your command center. You can set up an advanced or standard option for these updates. The advanced option pushes updates to your vehicle immediately once they are available, and the standard option regularly checks for them. 

The Models X and S Clean the Air Inside the Car

You can find the feature known as Bioweapon Defense Mode available on the X and S models but not on the 3. 

This feature makes use of the installed High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter to clean up the air inside the vehicle. It also maximizes airflow and keeps the interior of your car so clean it fits the standards hospitals have for their rooms. Those with respiratory issues like asthma will benefit hugely from this feature.

The HEPA-grade filter will clear out particles of dust, smoke, fumes, and a vast array of allergens. You will have to activate this feature whenever you want it to clean up the air. This will trigger the fan to enter its maximum speed while positive pressure occurs within the interior. Only a small amount of pressurization happens, but enough to clear the air. 

The feature has its impactful name because it could theoretically keep the air quality good inside the vehicle in the event of a dirty bomb.

They Have High-Capacity Batteries

When Tesla released the first version of the Roadster in 2008, it was the first electric vehicle to be powered by a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery has significantly increased the mileage of the Tesla vehicles ever since. These high-capacity battery packs can hold a lot more energy density than many other batteries, such as prismatic cells. 

Tesla continues to seek out new ways to improve the batteries it uses. It has collaborated with scientists to evolve lithium-ion batteries. In 2019, Tesla filed a patent for a new lithium-ion technology that seeks to go far beyond the current limits of the battery pack. 

This technology is being elaborated with the contribution of researchers at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Earlier that same year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a statement about the inclusion of a battery that would last a million miles. This battery is very important to Tesla’s plans.

Their Cars Can be Summoned Remotely

The Smart Summon feature is Tesla’s autonomous parking mode. As long as you have a line of sight to your vehicle and are within 200 feet of it, you can use the Tesla app on your smartphone to summon it to your location from its parking space. You will need to have the full self-driving package to use Smart Summon.

This feature is designed to avoid obstacles on its way to you, but the company wants buyers to keep in mind that this isn’t a fully autonomous feature. You must still pay attention to what’s in your vehicle’s way and keep an eye on it until it gets to you. Smart Summon can have issues with seeing moving obstacles such as pedestrians, cars, and cyclists. 

Despite its growing pains, Smart Summon is a favorite among Tesla vehicle owners. It’s also another example of Tesla’s constant innovative technology.

There Are Vegan-Friendly Options For Their Interiors

Most luxury cars are known for their leather interiors. There are few partial-leather options and even less vegan-friendly ones. Tesla is one of the main luxury brands that offer vegan interiors. The company’s included vegan options as part of its long-term commitment to sustainability.

The Tesla Model 3 interior became fully leather-free in 2019, with even the material of the steering wheel completely vegan. The upcoming Model Y will also be fully vegan upon release. To achieve this, Tesla has been working with the animal activist organization PETA for years. 

The steering wheel was the most complex aspect of this change because the material had to withstand a great deal of wear while being able to withstand being warmed. Synthetic leather has now replaced all leather involved in Tesla vehicles. Before this, there was the option to have cloth interiors instead of leather.

Their Supercharger Network is Widespread 

Tesla’s charging system, the Supercharger network, is the fastest in the world for electric vehicles. It also has many charging stations that are found in convenient locations. V3 Supercharging, released in 2019, is the quickest and most efficient way to charge your car. 

While you’re waiting at a nearby coffee shop or restaurant, your car will only need between 15 to 30 minutes to charge when hooked up to a charger at a Supercharger station.

Tesla now has over 2,000 Supercharger stations across the world, from North America to Europe to Asia to the Middle East. These stations include over 18,000 individual Superchargers. 

Charging your car at Supercharger stations is usually billed per kilowatt-hour, but can be billed per minute in some areas. Billing per minute is done in two tiers according to the charging speeds of the vehicles.

The Falcon Wings on the Model X Are Eye-Catching

The most talked-about feature on the Model X is without a doubt its falcon-wing rear doors. These motion-sensor doors are a big leap forward in the world of automotive technology. The eye-catching design of the falcon-wing doors has brought a lot of attention to the potential of electric vehicles. 

The Model X is intended as a family SUV, but the rear doors make it stand out wherever it goes. Many onlookers want to take photos with the iconic doors, and they continue to have an impact even five years after the release of the Model X.

The Model X was delayed in production precisely due to the inclusion of the falcon-wing doors, but the effort seems to have paid off in the years that have passed. The doors fulfill Tesla’s goal of putting and keeping electric vehicles in the spotlight.

The Model X’s Windshield is Groundbreaking

Another impressive feature of the Model X is its huge panoramic windshield. The windshield was kept a secret until the release of the vehicle and has since become one of its biggest draws, second only to the falcon-wing doors. 

The panoramic windshield is one of the largest of its kind in the world, measuring 31 square feet. Its solar tinting technology automatically adjusts according to the amount of sunlight it receives. The glass for the windshield is produced by Peruvian glassmakers AGT.

Their Frunk Is Innovative

If you’re interested in Teslas, you’ll have noticed all the mentions about the famous ‘frunk’ on Tesla’s vehicles. This front-loading trunk replaces the engine compartment in traditional cars because it is redundant on electric vehicles. The frunk provides extra storage space in addition to the traditional trunk found at the back of the car. 

The Model 3 frunk has recently been redesigned to be smaller, which potentially hints that there are further future design features to come for this vehicle.

The Touchscreen Display Gives You Access to Everything

Known as the Infotainment, the commanding touchscreen display in Tesla vehicles gives you access to most operations and features. The display will show you navigation information and options when you are driving. Your speed will also be found there, as well as the map to your destination. You can even randomize your destination through one of the car’s many features.

You can find live updates about Supercharger stations along your way on the display, including their level of occupancy. You might need some time to find all the features that the vehicle has to offer you through the display’s numerous menus. 

Apart from driving and navigating, you can also play games and watch movies while parked, as well as sing karaoke or browse the internet through the integrated browser.

They Need Very Little Hands-on Maintenance

With its system of over-the-air updates, Tesla has ensured that its vehicles require very little (if any) hands-on maintenance. Upgrades will be rolled out to you as they appear without the need to take your car in to be serviced. These upgrades will improve the functionality of your car on a long-term basis while also giving you access to the newest features. 

You won’t need to take your car to a mechanic for the routine check-ups and fixes that you’d need for traditional gasoline options. There’s no need for oil changes or engine changes. You may rarely need to replace your brake pads, but other than there are only a few recommended service checks to perform on your Tesla:

  • Tire wear. This is something that will be affected primarily by your driving style but it is generally advisably to keep an eye on the state of your tires. Rotation, balance, and alignment are important factors to check.
  • Brake fluid. The recommended timeframe between brake fluid tests is two years. If the brake fluid becomes contaminated, it requires replacement.
  • HEPA filter. The models that have HEPA filters should receive new ones every three years to ensure the best air quality.
  • Cabin air filter. This air quality filter lasts about two years.
  • Air conditioning service. This will involve replacing the desiccant in the car to prevent the deterioration of the air conditioning. There are different timeframes for each mode: 6 years for Model 3, 4 years for Models X and Y, and 2 years for Model S.
  • Winter prep. If you live somewhere with harsh winters, you should pay special attention to the maintenance of your brake calipers.

Their Ludicrous Mode Enhances Their Already Powerful Speed

The Tesla vehicles are generally known for their speed but the Ludicrous Mode on Models X and S (and upcoming on Model 3) is even more impressive. Ludicrous Mode is the equivalent of Sports Mode on traditional luxury cars.

It grants a 20% boost to acceleration, which on the Model S means you can go from 0 to 60mph in 2.4 seconds, which beats many other cars previously known for their speed.

They Include Lots of Fun Features

Tesla vehicle models have numerous entertaining features that you can find by navigating the infotainment menus. Apart from the Easter eggs that we looked at earlier, you can also find a treasure trove of retro Atari video games. There’s a car-aoke option that you can participate in with your friends while you’re traveling. 

At first glance, you may think that there is no parking brake option on a Tesla, but there is a button that triggers it, usually found around the steering wheel. If access to a parking brake makes you feel more comfortable, your Tesla vehicle can provide that too.

They Offer Easy Access to Climate Control

You don’t have to look down at the screen to adjust climate control settings. You can set your preferred temperature by long-pressing the temperature gauge icon on the display. After that, whenever you want climate control to reach that temperature, all you have to do is tap the icon on the display once and it will automatically do it for you. You can also allow it to automatically set and control the temperature.

If you have time to look at the advanced settings of climate control, you’ll be able to adjust the speed and direction of the airflow as well as the temperature.

The climate control can be set to switch on by itself even if you’re not in the car to prevent it from overheating. You can even leave it on from the moment you leave the car to make sure you don’t come back to a toasty atmosphere.

They’re Very Quiet

Electric vehicles are generally quiet due to the absence of engines, but the streamlined designs of Tesla vehicle models enhance that aspect. Inside the car, silence also reigns. You may notice the sound of the fans if you’re using Bioweapon Defense Mode, but other than that, the airflow is planned to be as silent as possible.

What is So Special About Tesla Cars?

Tesla stands out above everyone else because of the quality and innovative nature of its vehicle models. Its long-term plan thinks ahead to the future, which allows technology to evolve at a quicker pace. Research is constantly happening at Tesla because constant progress and improvement are part of the goal.

Tesla vehicle models are known across the world for their designs and their entertaining and plentiful features, from Easter eggs to navigation options to retro games. You can do so many things in a Tesla car, and most of them can be done from the infotainment display. 

With over-the-air upgrades, your Tesla will never feel outdated and you can keep enjoying it at the high level you prefer. The speed of Tesla cars also makes them fierce contenders on the market.

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