2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Model S Wireless Charger

2 Things You Didn’t Know About the Model S Wireless Charger

Tesla has had a rapid rise to be the world’s most valuable carmaker within the global auto industry. Since its inception, the company has pioneered new approaches in manufacturing, designs, and electric frameworks. It was this framework that has pushed the idea of electric vehicles (EV) on a global platform.

The company ultimately decided to build cars that were the opposite of most companies within the auto industry during this time. Rather than focuses on the mass-producing relatively affordable vehicles, Tesla opted to create refined vehicles that generated demand for electric vehicles and excelled in the style categories.

The Tesla Model S was built with speed, range, unparalleled performance, and refined design in mind since the design and beginning of manufacturing. With such class, it only increases the chances and options for outside companies to create advanced products that can only add to the value of one of the most innovated cars around.  Now, we are peaking into the world newer company upgrades for Tesla within its product lines. And we get to see how newly released aftermarket, innovative wireless products are created and capable of being installed into the Tesla Model S.

Plugless Power Creative Innovation for Tesla Model S

The company, Plugless Power, has officially launched a wireless charging pad that can be installed on the body of the Tesla Model 3 and makes changing the vehicles battery completely wireless. The technology claims to be available for both in-home purchases and for stores to use across the United States.

It works by the vehicle waking up the wireless charging station simply by approaching the charging station. An LED arrow guides the driver to an easy alignment. From there, the control panel draws the electricity to the charging pad. Removing the need for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle to connect the chargers to the vehicle.

How The Plugless Power Uses Inductive Energy

To use the Plugless Power wireless charger on the model S the vehicle must first be updated to have an ultra-thin receiving coil that accepts the inductive power using connectors in the Model S.

  • The base (the part of the charger that hangs on the wall) of the charger connects to a 240-volt circuit (which is the same type of circuit as the traditional corded charging station). This base is also where the LED alignment lights appear.
  • The electricity then goes from the control panel to the pad that is placed where the vehicle is parked using a power transfer with the coil inside of a parking pad
  • The electric energy is converted into magnetic energy, which safely transfers across the gap between the pad and the vehicle up through the receiver. Once the magnetic energy goes through the receiver the energy is converted back to electricity.
  • From this point on the charging system works the same as a corded charger.

The wireless technology can bridge this gap that exists between the charging pad and the vehicle, the gap can be up to 12 inches.

Upgrades Still Occur for the Plugless Power to Keep Up with Your Tesla

The Plugless Power wireless car charger will need to have continuous updates to operate within the Tesla system. The upgrade will need to be performed by Plugless certified technician by an EV Auto Shop. The company Plugless powers work with various EV shops across the nation. To get the update all that needs to be completed is to set up the appointment with an approved shop.

Charging Using Wireless Charger Pad May Take Longer

A Plugless Model S can charge 20 miles to 25 miles of range per hour it is parked on the charger. To recharge fully, it will take about 10 to 12 and a half hours, with the average full charge being 250 miles.

How does this Compare to Corded Chargers?

Tesla charging allows you to charge wherever you would normally park your vehicle both at home and at various locations across the nation with Tesla’s charging network.

Charging you Tesla at Home

Tesla recommends using a home or workplace charger for most of your needs. The Tesla version of the wall connecter offers fast charging. The rates will vary depending on what your circuit amps are. The below chart is provided by Tesla.

  Wall Connector Technical DetailsCharge Speed. Max miles of range per hour of charge.
Circuit Breaker (amps)Maximum Output (amps)Power at 240 volts (kilowatt)Model S (MPH)
604811.5 kW34
50409.6 kW29
40327.7 kW23
30245.7 kW17
20163.8 kW11
15122.8 kW7

A corded charger at home, depending on the amps in your electric circuit breaker can charge up to 34 miles per hour.

Charger Your Tesla in Public

When away from home, Tesla has superchargers and designated charging networks that can be located by using Tesla’s Find Us map. A supercharger station is typically located on well-travel routes, these charging stations offer the quickest charging option for your Tesla and allows for your car to charge 80% in just 30 minutes. Whereas, a Destination charging network is in convenient locations like shopping centers and can take longer to charge. 

Plugless Power Can Be Charged Anywhere

A Plugless power can be charged in any way or everywhere. It can be installed both inside and outside. It just must be maintained in an operational weather of -22 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. When charged outside, the system can be in all types of weather including rain, sleet, snow, and high heat.

Wireless Phone Charging New Addition in Tesla Accessory Store  

Tesla introduced a Wireless Phone Charging for the Model S. The accessory can simply allow for you to dock your Qi-enabled smartphone in the holster quickly securing it. This holster makes it so there are no cables. The phone charger can provide up to 5W of power for the Model S, it can go up to 7.5W win the Model X. However, this wireless charger is not compatible with the 1st generation drop-in premium center console.  Other aftermarket wireless chargers have since been created by various companies. 

  • Nomad is the most popular and considered to be well made wireless charger on its list.
  • Jeda, this wireless charger comes with detachable USB cables, combines wired-charging support, and is the most comparable to Nomad.
  • Taptes great if you are on a limited budget and want to add a wireless charging system.
  • Topfit is rated the best-reviewed budget wireless charging system for the Model 3. 

Wireless Phone Charing Pad Coming In All Model 3 Models

Until the last year, to have your Tesla Model 3 come equipped with the wireless charging pad you would have had to get either the Chinese Model 3 or a Model Y to get the updated system. Now the Telsa USA factory in Fremont, California is making the wireless charging pad standard in the Model 3. This is also the first update that Tesla has made to the Model 3 since its debut.

Why Go Wireless? Recap

As Tesla itself and independent companies continue to build their wealth of information, we will continue to see updates and aftermarket products released. But this will only happen if the EV market continues to grow. Be sure to check out the latest wireless technology such as the Powerless Plug or the wireless phone charger for your Model 3.


The articles here on ThatTeslaChannel.com are created by Greg, a Tesla vehicle and Tesla solar expert with nearly half a decade of hands-on experience. The information on this site is fact-checked and tested in-person to ensure the best possible level of accuracy.

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