17 Reasons Why the Cybertruck Will Be Well Worth It

17 Reasons Why the Cybertruck Will Be Well Worth It

The Tesla Cybertruck is poised to change the pickup truck industry forever in late 2021. However, the question on everybody’s mind is this: will the Tesla Cybertruck be worth the wait and the cost?

Is the Cybertruck worth it? Here are 17 reasons the Cybertruck is worth it:

  1. It Has an Exoskeleton 
  2. Three Different Powertrains to Choose From
  3. Adaptive Air Suspension
  4. It Has a Spacious Storage Vault
  5. Autopilot/Self-Driving Capability Available
  6. Premium Interior Features
  7. Long Battery Range
  8. Access to Supercharger Network
  9. Insane Acceleration
  10. It Doesn’t Run on Fossil Fuels
  11. Revolutionary Manufacturing Process
  12. It Has a Higher Payload
  13. Unusually Great Aerodynamics for a Truck
  14. A Wide Assortment of On-Board Utility Features
  15. The Cybertruck Will Be Surprisingly Affordable
  16. It Has Solar Panels
  17. It Will Integrate with Mobile Apps

There will be so many unique features in the Cybertruck that it is difficult to summarize them here. The truck has a revolutionary design that involves outfitting the vehicle with a tough outer shell made of tough, durable stainless steel. The unique triangular shape of the car gives way to a truck bed that is well-protected. A host of other amenities, such as autopilot, will undoubtedly make the Cybertruck well worth the wait. Continue reading to find out what exactly makes the Cybertruck so unique.

1. It Has an Exoskeleton 

In scientific terms, an exoskeleton is the outer shell of a beetle that keeps it protected against assaults of all kinds; the Tesla Cybertruck is equipped with an exoskeleton of its own. Look no further than the Cybertruck if you are in search of a durable, yet practical, pickup truck.

The Cybertruck’s exoskeleton is composed of:

  • Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel
    • The panels will be 0.118 inches thick
    • This material is defined as “corrosion-resistant.”
  • Armor Glass
    • The glass is constructed with a polymer-layered composite designed to absorb and redirect impact forces

Per SAE International, this is the same class of stainless steel used in the DeLorean vehicles. When this type of stainless steel is cold-rolled, as Tesla claims it is, it transforms into a microstructure that contains elements known for forming a strong metal.

In today’s automotive industry, an aluminum body has become the default structure. This material is undoubtedly cheaper to produce; however, it is also susceptible to dings and dents. All it really takes to cause a mark is a pebble or an unfortunate hailstorm.

2. Three Different Powertrains to Choose From

The design plans of the Tesla Cybertruck promise three different powertrains to choose from. Initially, only the Dual-Motor RWD and Tri-Motor AWD (all-wheel drive) truck will be released. The other powertrain option will then become available later. This will eventually leave customers with plenty of opportunities to pick out a Cybertruck that best suits their needs.

The three different powertrain options for the Tesla Cybertruck will be:

  • Single Motor RWD
  • Dual Motor AWD
  • Tri-Motor AWD

Those familiar with the other vehicles in the Tesla lineup are likely well-acquainted with the virtues of the dual-motor setup in electric cars. This type of configuration includes two independent motors at the front and rear of the vehicle, delivering power to a single axle.

The advantage of a dual-motor powertrain is increased torque and acceleration over a single motor configuration. The Tri-Motor AWD Configuration is Tesla’s answer to the dependable heavy-duty pickup trucks made by manufacturers of gas-powered vehicles.

The Tri-Motor AWD Cybertruck is promised to be capable of towing up to 14,000 pounds and offer as much as 500 miles of battery range (more on this later). This powertrain will make the Cybertruck a monster of a truck, but it will also drive up the vehicle’s cost.

That’s why the company will also manufacture the dual-motor AWD and single-motor RWD trucks. These options will be more affordable, while also delivering the many amenities that pickup truck owners have come to know and love.

3. Adaptive Air Suspension

The Cybertruck will also be outfitted with Tesla’s signature adaptive air suspension; this will allow the truck to be raised or lowered up to 4 inches in either direction, up or down. 

The Self-Leveling capabilities of the Cybertruck will ensure that drivers can adjust the truck’s height to be suitable for their needs. This is an attractive feature to those who are physically-disadvantaged as it will be easier to access the car and then adjust the suspension to the best height for driving conditions. 

4. It Has a Spacious Storage Vault

The Tesla Cybertruck will include 100 cubic feet of vault-like storage; this is far superior to the storage space in traditional pickup trucks for several reasons. 

Most pickup trucks do not come standard with a covered truck bed. Owners must purchase some kind of tonneau cover or hardtop cover if they want to ensure that the truck bed contents are kept secure and safe from all the elements encountered during travel. There is a constant threat of goods being exposed to the weather.

The storage vault of the Cybertruck will be no challenge to keep locked and safe from prying eyes. The truck bed will total 6.5 feet in length and include a hidden storage option underneath the storage vault itself. This is all made possible through a slide-out tonneau cover that will come standard with the vehicle.

5. Autopilot/Self-Driving Capability Available

Just like the rest of the Tesla lineup, the Cybertruck will come standard with the hardware necessary to make the dream of autopilot and self-driving capability a reality. Currently, Tesla’s core lineup allows drivers the option of installing the required technology via a simple software update available from Tesla. 

  • The autopilot package currently offers assistance for changing lanes, automatic steering towards highway interchanges, and a smart summon attribute that allows you to bring your car towards you from across the parking lot. 
  • The fully-self driving capability package provides drivers with a chance to get assistance for navigating through intersections, busy highways, and have their car find an open parking spot for them.

Put the autopilot/self-driving packages in a pickup truck and what you end up with is a truck that promises to make towing a trailer a less arduous task. The Cybertruck will include navigation aids that will make it easier to traverse busy highways with a trailer attached.

6. Premium Interior Features

The Cybertruck also promises to include interior features like those seen within Tesla’s core lineup of vehicles. 

  • 17” inch touchscreen will be mounted on the center of the dashboard. This tablet will serve a wide variety of infotainment needs, including the ability to stream internet radio stations, optimize the truck’s mechanical settings, figure out where you need to go, and what’s the best way to get there.
  • The second-row seats of the Cybertruck will offer additional storage space. There will be enough seating for up to 6 occupants. It is currently unclear exactly what the seating material will be made of. However, Tesla’s current lineup features a move towards vegan leather in some models.

7. Long Battery Range

The battery range is defined as the number of miles an electric vehicle will last on a single charge. This is an EPA-estimated value, as the manufacturer has no say in what the assigned battery range of their car will be. Long battery range is a characteristic of Tesla’s lineup, as years of research and development has yielded a battery system that is amongst the best in the industry.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a shockingly long battery range, particularly when you consider the energy demands associated with a tri-motor powertrain capable of towing up to 14,000 pounds.

The estimated battery range of the Cybertruck is as follows:

  • Single Motor RWD: 250 miles
  • Dual Motor AWD: 300 miles
  • Tri-Motor AWD: 500 miles

Notice that the Tri-Motor AWD powertrain delivers an astonishing battery range of 500 miles. One of the concerns with the electric truck concept has always been whether owners will be able to transport goods long distances. You can see above why there is little need for concern when it comes to battery range.

The Cybertruck will also be an attractive option for those serious about outdoor sports. Electric vehicles may be limited in their capacity to drive to remote locations, especially since there are no charging stations near these destinations. However, the long battery range of the Cybertruck makes dreams about remote travel more of a reality.

8. Access to Supercharger Network

Tesla has installed a network of charging stations across urban areas. This includes supercharger stations that are capable of charging Tesla vehicles in as little as 30 minutes. These stations can be primarily found in shopping centers and urban downtown areas.

You are encouraged to use these superchargers as little as possible, as they expose the battery to high voltage that can lower the lifespan of the battery system if used too often. The supercharger network does serve as an excellent fallback option, though in the event that your Cybertruck battery has been strained during towing events.

9. Insane Acceleration

The Cybertruck has much better acceleration than you would expect from a traditional gas-powered pickup truck. The potent Tri-Motor AWD powertrain is projected to be capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds.

The acceleration rates of the Tesla Cybertruck is as follows, measured in terms of the time it takes to go from 0 mph to 60 mph:

  • Single Motor RWD: <6.5 seconds
  • Dual Motor AWD: <4.5 seconds
  • Tri-Motor AWD: <2.9 seconds

Motor Trend has put the acceleration of pickup trucks to the test in the past. You may be surprised at just how well the Tesla Cybertruck fares against standard gas-powered vehicles. The best of the bunch would be the 2008 Toyota Tundra Supercharged, which was shown to reach 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

This means that the Tri-Motor AWD Cybertruck would undoubtedly beat out the 2008 Tundra, provided that Tesla delivers the promised engine performance. The Dual Motor AWD Tesla is projected to be in company with the 2008 Supercharged Tundra in terms of acceleration. 

It is worth noting the Single Motor RWD Cybertruck would find itself outside Motor Trend’s quickest pickup list. However, it still has exceptional speed when you consider the fact that it is an electric vehicle.

10. It Doesn’t Run on Fossil Fuels

Trucks are normally vehicles that are associated with a lack of fuel efficiency. As such, they are typically seen as vehicles that can contribute to air pollution. The Tesla Cybertruck, however, is an environmentally-responsible alternative to the standard pickup truck.

The fuel efficiency of an electric vehicle cannot be measured in terms of gas mileage. As previously mentioned, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a measure of battery efficiency that American car owners can easily familiarize themselves with: MPGe. 

This fuel efficiency estimation has been designed to consider the number of miles that a vehicle can go using a quantity of energy analogous to a single gallon of gasoline.

The MPGe ratings of the Tesla Cybertruck are estimated as being equivalent to 97 imperial MPGe, which converts to 80 MPGe in the US system. More about the fuel efficiency of these vehicles will become evident when the release date becomes nearer. That being said, it is clear that the Cybertruck has real potential to deliver fuel savings over time.

11. Revolutionary Manufacturing Process

The way that the Cybertruck is made is vastly simplified over the way that most vehicles are made. The simplified manufacturing process is a result of the Cybertruck’s design, including an exterior made from metal sheets that are bent and folded. Typically, vehicles are made using a more complex die-stamping process.

The benefits of building a truck in this manner have not been lost on Motor Trend magazine:

  • A significant reduction of paint ship needs
  • Less expensive tooling
  • Absolutely no requirement for large-scale stamping machines
  • A lowered potential for cracks to occur
  • A manufacturing process with lower environmental costs

12. It Has a Higher Payload

A truck’s payload is defined as the amount of weight that you can safely add to a car’s cargo space. Truck owners certainly desire a high payload capacity. What is the point of having a pickup truck if you cannot haul much of anything with it? 

The Tesla Cybertruck will have a maximum payload of 3,500 poundsaccording to the manufacturer.

Here are some examples of the payload capacities of some of the top full-size pickups on the market:

  • Ford F-150: 1,142 lbs. to 2,309 lbs.
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500: 1750 lbs. to 2,280 lbs.
  • Dodge Ram 1500: 1,212 lbs. to 2,302 lbs.

Based on these numbers, you can see that the Tesla Cybertruck will be capable of hauling quite a bit of material. This should put to rest concerns among potential buyers that an electric pickup will not be capable of towing and hauling, or will be of little use when it comes to utility.

13. Unusually Great Aerodynamics for a Truck

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations performed by aeronautical engineer, Justin Martin, confirm that the Tesla Cybertruck has been designed with aerodynamics in mind.* This may be even more critical than you realize, as the stainless steel panel construction requires a unique approach when constructing a vehicle for efficiency.

If you take a quick peek at the Tesla Cybertruck, you will instantly take notice of the vehicle’s triangular shape. The approach angle (front incline) of the truck is 35 degrees. The anterior of the Cybertruck is topped off with a “set of sails,” forming a departure angle of 28 degrees.

*Note: These test results come with the caveat that the technical analysis itself was performed on a rendering that did not technically contain confirmation of Tesla’s official dimensions. The research still does indeed take into account the proposed shape of the Cybertruck.

The results of the analysis are encouraging. Motor Trend further states that Tesla seems to be taking a serious approach to limiting the strain of the design on aerodynamics using an active suction process described in further detail here

It’s worth mentioning that this is the same company behind the SpaceX project, so there is undoubtedly lots of brainpower over at Tesla capable of figuring out the right balance of aerodynamics for the Cybertruck.

14. A Wide Assortment of On-Board Utility Features

Pickup truck buyers should be happy to hear the news that the Tesla Cybertruck comes available with a wide assortment of on-board utility features. This can even save you from having to take a trip to the hardware store.

Air Compressor

It has been revealed by Tesla that the Cybertruck will have its own air compressor on-board the truck. This is a pretty neat feature when you consider its usefulness. The air compressor serves various maintenance purposes, such as powering a quick tire repair or installation job.

The compressor will also be useful for the avid outdoor adventurer. The function that immediately comes to mind is inflating bike tires with air, although it could also be used to fill inner tubes. The air compressor can also be used to power a host of pneumatic tools essential to the off-roading experience.

Power Outlets

Tesla has also teased potential buyers with plans to include a 240V AC power outlet on the Cybertruck.

This could further solidify the futuristic truck’s reputation as useful for a weekend in the woods, or even for a little off-the-grid living. Depending on the outlet’s final wattage, there is potential for the use of appliances, like microwaves and toasters, while in your home-away-from-home.

A Tough, Durable Truck Bed

As was mentioned earlier, the Cybertruck will feature a truck bed that owners of other truck brands are sure to be envious of. The bed, or “vault,” is enclosed on the sides by the rear sails of the Cybertruck. A tonneau cover that you can slide out will fully enclose the truck bed. The tonneau cover itself will be strong enough for you to stand on.

15. The Cybertruck Will Be Surprisingly Affordable

Intuition would tell you that the Tesla Cybertruck is going to come with an astonishingly high price tag. This is not the case, as the electric truck will be priced competitively with the most popular pickups on the market. This is an impressive feat when you consider the insane number of revolutionary features the vehicle has. 

According to Car and Driver, the base price for the Tesla Cybertruck will be just $39,900. The Dual Motor AWD truck, with a range of 300 miles, will come with an MSRP of $49,900 while the Tri-Motor AWD will likely begin at $69,000. 

As is the case with all vehicles, these figures do not consider the costs of added amenities, such as the full self-driving feature. For example, the full self-driving option will add another $8,000 onto the price tag if you are interested in this feature. It is indeed noteworthy that adding this pricey feature to the base model will still keep the Cybertruck competitively-priced.  

The top-of-the-line 2021 Ford F-150 starts at an MSRP of $72,550, and that’s before any other features are added to the vehicle.

16. It Has Solar Panels

It’s been made clear that Tesla intends to add a solar power feature to the Tesla Cybertruck. Elon Musk has expressed interest in adding such features, suggesting that adding solar power can generate 15 miles of battery range per day. It has also been proposed that fold-out solar wings could generate even 30 to 40 miles of battery range per day.

It remains to be seen how effective the solar option will be, but it is certainly an intriguing energy option. One could say that the Cybertruck is tailor-made for solar power generation; the truck is literally made from stainless steel panels. 

It’s hard to imagine there being a better truck for outdoor exploration if the solar option does indeed perform as has been proposed. If you are camping somewhere, you may have little opportunity to find a charging station. The solar panels may very well provide a method for charging the battery just enough for a multi-day voyage away from the city.

17. It Will Integrate with Mobile Apps

Further cementing its status as a leading innovator in the auto industry, Tesla has developed mobile apps that already serve many functions in the manufacturer’s existing core lineup of vehicles. 

Tesla’s mobile apps let you configure your vehicle’s settings on the fly. You can even summon your car from across a large parking lot, simply by using the app on your smartphone. Other mobile features that Tesla owners already enjoy include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Ability to monitor battery charge levels
  • Monitoring GPS locations
  • Restrict access to many of the car’s features if you are letting someone borrow your vehicle (This includes a restricted maximum speed option, which is very suitable for young drivers.)

The Tesla Cybertruck is sure to include the mobile features that have become the standard for current Tesla models. There have even been hints that the mobile apps for the Cybertruck will be more sophisticated than this. In fact, it was recently revealed that Tesla seems to have hired an app developer specifically for its Cybertruck project.

When Will the Tesla Cybertruck Be Available?

The Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021. There will be limitations regarding which powertrain options will be available at first. Originally, it was speculated that only the Single Motor AWD Cybertruck would be released at first. 

The news has changed since then, as it has now become apparent that the Dual Motor AWD and Triple Motor AWD powertrains are going to be the first Cybertrucks to hit the road.

Tesla unveiled the new revolutionary addition to its family at a special event in November 2019. Since then, there has been much speculation about which features would and wouldn’t be included in the Cybertruck. There have also been many questions regarding the expected performance of the truck. Tesla’s core lineup has been around for a little while now, but none of those vehicles are anything like a pickup truck. 

How Do I Buy a Tesla Cybertruck?

The Tesla Cybertruck can be pre-ordered online here. You will not have to worry about paying excess up-front costs today, as the charge for reserving a Cybertruck is a fully refundable $100. Currently, buyers can choose the specific powertrain that they desire.

The manufacturer states that the production for the Tri-Motor AWD, the first of the lineup to hit the roads, will begin in late 2021. As this date comes nearer, the buyer will have the opportunity to fully customize and configure their truck.

Conclusion: Is a Tesla Cybertruck Worth It?

Tesla’s core lineup of vehicles continues to expand to include more body styles. In 2020, the Model Y first hit the roads, an SUV crossover vehicle that is between the Model 3 and Model X in size. In late 2019, the innovative manufacturer announced the Tesla Cybertruck, which will be ready for production by late 2021.

Based on the information that has been released about this revolutionary vehicle so far, the Cybertruck is sure to be well worth the wait—and the price—for many reasons:

  • It will include stainless steel panels that form a tough outer shell that promises significantly more resistant to dents and corrosion.
  • A metal slide-out tonneau cover will protect the truck bed’s contents, offering 100 cubic feet of covered storage space.
  • The battery range will be quite impressive for a pickup, with the Tri-Motor AWD powertrain offering up to 500 miles on a single charge.
  • The truck comes standard with utility equipment, even including an air compressor.
  • The price of the Cybertruck will be shockingly reasonable compared to other models in Tesla’s lineup. 

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