11 Reasons Why The Tesla Is Better Than The Others

11 Reasons Why The Tesla Is Better Than The Others

Tesla took the world by storm, not only for electric cars but for the entire automobile industry. It has now become a household name and is more recognized as the name of an automaker instead of the name of a history changing genius, Nikola Tesla, who inspired the name of this company.

Tesla’s many vehicles are feats of masterful engineering and ingenuity that puts these vehicles above others.

Why are Teslas better? Some of the things that make Tesla vehicles better than others include:

  1. They require less maintenance
  2. They are long lasting
  3. They are smart vehicles
  4. They can be remote driven
  5. They have many fun features
  6. They are safe vehicles
  7. They are some of the best-looking vehicles
  8. They do not have a single dial inside the vehicle
  9. They have vegan-friendly interiors
  10. They produce no greenhouse gas emissions
  11. They are constantly improving wirelessly

Tesla Vehicles Require Less Maintenance

Since a Tesla does not have an engine, which is literally a box that contains combustion from burning gasoline, it requires less maintenance. Many vehicles have multiple moving parts and other vehicular requirements that need frequent maintenance:

  • Motor oil – motor oil keeps an engine lubricated, so it runs longer and more smoothly. There is no need to keep an engine that does not exist lubricated. The quarterly oil change you need for your vehicle is no longer needed with a Tesla
  • Spark plugs – no need to have spark plugs for gasoline; there is not gasoline in a Tesla
  • Mufflers – Most vehicles that run on gasoline release gases. A muffler dampens the noise of the gases escaping the engine. Most people have no idea of how loud their vehicle would be without a muffler. Tesla vehicles are electric, so they are among the quietest vehicles even without the need of a muffler.

These parts are among the most frequent that need replacing with traditional vehicles, and they can cost hundreds to replace. No driver likes having to budget for the maintenance nor repairs of these parts and would rather be rid of them.

The best way to rid yourself of the need to replace these car parts is to have a vehicle that never requires them in the first place. Tesla has only 20 moving parts, while an internal combustion engine vehicle has 2,000 moving parts. Therefore, you have over a hundred times the maintenance to worry about.

Tesla vehicles are better because they are surprisingly simple machines that require little maintenance.

Tesla Vehicles Can Last A Long Time

Most Tesla vehicles have not been on the road for that long. The oldest one is probably only 12 years old. However, some drivers have racked up over 100,000 miles on their Tesla. And these drivers love their Tesla probably even more than they did the day they bought them.

An example of this comes from Arthur Driessen. Arthur Driessen reserved a Model 3 the day they came out in 2016. He recently clocked in over 100,000 miles after treating his car to a road trip in a matter of months that would punish even the most well-built cars.

He claimed that aside from tires, he only needed about $500 of repairs. And the battery pack has only decreased capacity mile range by 2.5% (although he treated the battery much better than the average consumer).

According to Elon Musk, a Model 3’s battery will last 300,000 – 500,000 miles. Even that well-driven Model 3 has 200,000 – 400,000 miles left in that battery. It will last longer than even the most reliable cars. And Elon Musk is trying to produce a 1,000,000 mile battery; in other words, if you drive the average 13,500 miles a year, the Tesla battery pack will be used up in 75 years. To put it morbidly, assuming you start driving this Tesla at 16, you will likely die before your Tesla’s battery.

The Tesla Is Very Smart

Age is not the only thing the Tesla could easily beat humans at. A Tesla is very smart, probably smarter than humans, at least when it comes to driving. 

Tesla is a company that is spearheading the concept of the self-driving car. And they have had numerous successes. These successes include:

  • Full self-driving – You still need to respond in situations, but in theory, you can let the Tesla drive you up to 60 mph with your hands on the wheel, foot near the peddles, and a destination. A Tesla still has bounds to go before it is fully autonomous, but a Tesla is almost hands-down, the most autonomous automobile available to consumers.
  • Lane departure warnings – A Tesla will remind you to turn on your turn signal before switching lanes.

A Tesla is still the closest thing consumers can buy, that is a fully autonomous vehicle. Arguably, a Tesla will be a better driver than most people, and one day there may only be autonomous cars on the road for that reason.

You Can Summon Your Tesla

Because of how autonomous a Tesla is, you can control the Tesla remotely and tell it to pull forward or backwards. If your Tesla is parked far away and it is cold out, you can tell your Tesla to come to your garage where you can enter your Tesla in a warm atmosphere

Several Fun Features

A Tesla may be fun to drive, but it is fun in many other situations. A Tesla has a feature called Romance Mode that provides soothing music and climate control to set a romantic mood in your car to make any getaway a romantic getaway.

Tesla also provides many games for both the occupants and even the driver. A Tesla provides an arcade on dedicated screens, and the driver can race in a video game when they are parked.

Furthermore, the infotainment system, or the smart application system embedded into the car, provides numerous features you cannot find in many other cars. These include controlled lyrics for music. This way, you can control everything happening in your Tesla as your Tesla (mostly) drives you.

There is apparently even a function in Model S where if you hit 0-0-7 on the center console and the Model S will morph into a seaworthy shape. Why not? However, I would not recommend trying to turn a vehicle that is more expensive than some houses into a boat.

Tesla Vehicles Are Extremely Safe

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rates vehicles based off their safety in certain conditions with a rating that normally goes up to 5 stars. They gave the Tesla a safety rating of 5.4 stars, breaking the norm.

Tesla vehicles are very well engineered to protect their occupants. Every Tesla has an extremely durable cabin to protect the occupants. In fact, the new Cybertruck is not only resistant to dents and crushing, but it is bulletproof. 

They even have HEPA filters that not only clean the air in the vehicle, but they can be used to help the passengers survive situations involving weapons of mass destruction, including bioweapons and dirty bombs. Or at least in theory. Either way, a Tesla is little less than a tank.

Tesla vehicles have many advanced features provided with their vehicles for the occupants’ protection. Tesla vehicles have automatic emergency brakes standard in their vehicles and several other advanced safety features that help prevent deadly accidents. They also have automatic interior locks that engage when you are driving at literally any speed over 0 mph just to be sure none of your kids accidentally open the door while you are driving.

While some of these safety features, including the “bulletproof armor” and “Bioweapons Defense Mode” are over kill the automatic emergency brakes and other advanced safety features are features many drivers desire and have been well proven on the road.

Tesla Vehicles Are Very Attractive to The Eyes

You know a Tesla when you see one. A Tesla is among the most eye pleasing cars you can see on the road, and every angle and curve is well designed. Even in situations like the Cybertruck (whose beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder) you cannot take your eyes off it.

Very Different Design Needs

Talented engineers designed every Tesla vehicle to be aerodynamic; in turn they have a completely different shape from other cars. Some cars have a more box shaped front that makes them less aerodynamic than a Tesla. Comparing a traditional car to a Tesla is like comparing the shape of a morphed cannonball to a pristine modern rifle bullet.

Furthermore, a Tesla does not need an engine bay for an engine. Therefore, it does not need an air intake in the front to help cool down the engine. You may have noticed that a Tesla is missing the air intake for an engine. You may find that strange, but the air intake is not a part of the car that drivers tend to miss. In fact, since a Tesla has no engine, engineers gave these vehicles a front trunk, or something the company Tesla calls a “frunk.” 

The electric motor of a Tesla has completely changed the platform needed for a car. Tesla has taken advantage of this with two aspects most drivers did not know they wanted:

  • A lack of a car’s air intake
  • The “frunk.”

No Dials Or Knobs

A Tesla does not have any buttons except for the hazard lights and the button for the glove compartment. Instead, everything is on a touch screen console. Even some of the higher end cars do not have this feature.

This allows you to easily manipulate the interior so you can have the perfect temperature or playlist for your road trip. It also makes the interior as inviting as the exterior. 

Tesla Vehicles Have Vegan-Friendly Interiors

Tesla vehicles are the only luxury vehicle which is vegan-friendly. Most luxury vehicles use leather made from an animal, ergo, not appealing to a vegan. A Tesla does not contain a strip of leather, or at least not from an animal. Therefore, you can have some ease in mind that no animals were killed for your car. Therefore, no animals needed to be raised, which would produce greenhouse gases.

Tesla Vehicles Produce No Greenhouse Gases 

If you care about the Earth, it is not hard to get on board with a Tesla. Not only does the cut off from gasoline mean fewer greenhouse gases produced from your car, but the cut off from gasoline cascades throughout the entire global system to cut down greenhouse gases and pollution.

A car that does not require gasoline means the world will require fewer oil rigs, which can produce oil spills. It also means fewer:

  • Oil tankers
  • Trains
  • Gas trucks

That means less transportation to deliver oil and gasoline around the world by burning oil and gasoline.

Utilizing a Tesla is better than other vehicles because it challenges our global infrastructure to be better for the environment. 

Tesla Cars Are Always Being Improved

While every Tesla is a beautiful vehicle, a Tesla’s true product is the software that makes the vehicle. Every Tesla vehicle is a piece of hardware built around the unique software. In other words, a Tesla is a series of programs meant to improve the drive that was then put into a vehicle. The vehicle itself is almost the second thought in the design of a Tesla.

Since a Tesla is primarily designed around the software instead of the hardware, the car can be updated frequently to improve the vehicle. Meanwhile, many other vehicles can only be improved by replacing the hardware, which is considerably more expensive.

Every other electric vehicle is the same traditional vehicle you are used to. The only difference is that it has an electric motor and battery where the engine and gas tank used to be. 

A Tesla is a car with advanced software that is constantly trying to improve the drive and customer satisfaction. It can receive updates wirelessly to:

  • Improve mileage per charge
  • Improve handling
  • Fix door opening software

Your Tesla can not only improve without needing to pull out a wrench, but it can improve in your sleep without anyone touching it.

When You Buy A Tesla, You Are Buying Mostly The Technology, Not The Car

Almost hands down, the thing that makes a Tesla leaps and bounds better than other cars is the fact that a Tesla was not built by an automaker, but a tech company. An automaker tries to improve a car by finding new ways to improve the car itself in primarily mechanical ways.

Truth is, cars have not been purely mechanical for a long time. Some of the most impacting improvements on cars have been incorporating features like controlled fuel injection. This has not only improved the power output of vehicles, but also made engines last longer. These features are now improved with some software. However, improving these features are difficult without direct access to these parts. Sometimes improving the software of these parts means a full replacement. 

Tesla showed that building a car around software can improve the performance of a car even when it is out of a shop. Many automakers are now trying to do what Tesla is trying to do. Even if you are not driving a Tesla, chances are in the future; you will be driving a car that improves itself automatically by analysis and technology like a Tesla.

Telsa’s Portfolio Of Fine Vehicles

Tesla was founded in 2003 by engineers who wanted to make electric vehicles and incorporate them smoothly into the world. Five years later, it started to produce some of the best vehicles to grace the Earth, including: 

  • The Roadster – a sports car unlike any other, and still among the fastest
  • The Model S – the classic all electric sedan that beat almost every car in its class
  • The Model X – one of the most versatile SUVs ever
  • The Model 3 – a Tesla car more affordable for every person and still great in everything
  • The Model Y – a Tesla SUV that is called the future of automobiles
  • The Cybertruck – a truck that drives like a car and handles jobs better than most trucks.

This portfolio made Tesla the second most valued car maker just after Toyota. After less than 2 decades, Tesla already did more to impact the automobile industry than most automotive companies that have existed for more than a century.

And Tesla is just getting started. There are many things that a Tesla provides that stand out among other vehicles. 

Concluding Thoughts

Tesla vehicles are pretty much at the top of the automobile game. They have dominated markets by being the best vehicles among their class. They are even bound to outlast not only traditional vehicles but the drivers themselves.

While the Tesla vehicle is very appealing, the true product is the software that comes with the vehicle. It not only makes the car smarter and even capable of driving (fairly) autonomously, but it also allows the car to constantly improve. This feature makes a Tesla truly stand out among all other vehicles. In fact, every other automaker is trying to do what Tesla has already done.

Even if you do not find a Tesla vehicle appealing, you should embrace the idea of buying advanced software with your vehicle in the future. The possibilities of software like this is too impacting for other companies to ignore, and they will put them in your favorite vehicle too.

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